The Secret of ObedienceRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Ronnie left his small town to go to college in the city. He gave up playing football, but he feels it’s a small price to pay for living life out of the closet. Ronnie has one friend when he arrives and trying to fit in is more difficult than he thought.

A chance meeting puts Sang directly in Ronnie’s path. Sang is the perfect mix of femme and male and Ronnie immediately wants every part of him. But Sang is a mystery and every time Ronnie sees him the mystery deepens. Getting closer to Sang is impossible as he tells Ronnie he is working all of the time and can’t take phone calls, but Ronnie cannot get the guy out of his head. Sang has no intention of letting anyone get close to him as he struggles just to survive, but Ronnie may just be able to find a way in.

What an unexpected treat this story was. Unexpected because this was the first book I have read by this author and just within the first few pages she captured so many intriguing sparkles of thought. For the duration of the story we are with Ronnie as he is first adjusting to life in the city. Ronnie is an athletic guy and has always been attracted to smaller men, but he is so not prepared for Sang. Rancourt uses an edible supply of descriptions that only added to the erotic feel, and when the guys meet, Sang immediately has a nickname for Ronnie and Ronnie is entirely captivated.

“Sugar Cookie and I are just here talking.”

I want to eat the sound of his voice….

Immediately the chase is on and Ronnie wants to keep Sang firmly in his sights.

“Where are you going tonight?” I speak only to Sang.

“Wherever you want.”

His tongue peeks out and catches a bit of glitter from the corner of his mouth, his heavy-lidded eyes so hot they could bake me.”

“…You tell me. I’m new in town. I’ll go anywhere you want as long as…I end up with your mouth on me.”

But Ronnie is not as confident as he wants everyone to believe.

He reaches behind, grabbing handfuls of the denim wrapping my legs. I stroke his throat, bend down to tell him how pretty he is, chicken out and do nothing but breathe in his ear.

Ronnie is a straight forward guy but Sang has a secret as is referenced in the title. The mystery of Sang is unraveled throughout the book, but Sang was such an intriguing character and more from him or more of him would have greatly added to their story. This story was a great read with enough character development to carry most of it and, while I could have used an additional scene as the ending was abrupt and rushed, such is the nature of a short story. So instead of me pulling out yet another quote to share with you, pick up your own copy of The Secret of Obedience. As an added incentive or to take note of: “All proceeds from the sale of this story will go to the NOVA Project, Seattle Public Schools alternative high school.”

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