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College freshmen Jeremy is interested in dating, but he is also shy and uncertain how to talk to guys. Jeremy’s roommate Frankie has plenty of sexual experience, so he decides he is going to help Jeremy find a man. Between helping Jeremy gain confidence at parties, to setting him up on Grindr, Frankie helps Jeremy along so he gets some dating experience. Unfortunately pretty much everyone Jeremy ends up with is either a jerk or totally unappealing.

There is definite chemistry between Jeremy and Frankie, however. But Frankie doesn’t think that there is any chance for anything real between them. So instead he suggests that the two of them try to find some guys to hook up with together. That way Frankie can help Jeremy feel more comfortable, and his mission to get laid and find someone to date might be more successful. What neither of the guys count on is that the connection between the two of them might be stronger than with anyone Jeremy meets. Now they must figure out if they can turn their relationships from friends with occasional benefits, to something more serious.

Twofer is a cute, fun story about two college freshman who move from friends to something more. I enjoyed seeing Frankie take Jeremy under his wing and advising him on clothes, hair, and how to interact with guys. Poor Jeremy is sweet but kind of naive, and Frankie helps him learn to understand the culture of the young, gay college guy a little better. Ultimately both men realize that what they really want is each other, but figuring out if they can make that work is a whole other challenge. I liked these guys together. They are fun and sexy and their adventures are entertaining. Jeremy’s string of terrible dates cracked me up and there is just a nice, light tone to this story that I enjoyed.

I did have a few issues, however. I don’t think the relationship between them was really fleshed out or fully developed. The story felt choppy, like these guys were jumping from one point to the next without really showing how their feelings or relationship developed. I needed more to connect the dots and make the feelings between them seem believable. I felt their reactions to things also seemed choppy. One minute Frankie is sure they can’t make it last because they are both bottoms, then because he isn’t good enough, then that issue is over and never mentioned again. I just feel like I needed more between the sex scenes and the dates to show their relationship and character development.

I also had a problem with some of Frankie’s behavior. He figures out pretty early on that Jeremy is interested in him for more than friendship, but he doesn’t think it will work between them. So he keeps pushing Jeremy on these other guys, not ever discussing things with him. Even once they start hooking up with each other and Jeremy clearly is hoping for a real relationship between them, Frankie just kind of turns a blind eye to Jeremy’s feelings. Considering how naive and inexperienced Jeremy is, it seemed awful to Frankie to keep leading him on and letting him think there was something more between them. It made me frustrated reading, seeing poor Jeremy led on and keep getting pushed into these awkward encounters. I also had trouble understanding Frankie’s issues in terms of why things couldn’t work. As I said, at first it was that they are both bottoms, as if there are no couples in the world made up of two bottoms or two tops. This seemed absurd to me (and awfully naive for a guy who is supposed to be uber sexually experienced) and while he does figure it out later, it made me crazy in the meantime. And as I said, we then jumped around to other various problems before the guys work things out.

Just in case it is not clear, let me just mention that these guys are not sexually exclusive. They date and sleep with other guys both before and after they are together. I had no problem at all with this, as I think their behavior fits their age, circumstance, and personalities. But if you are only interested in monogamy from your MCs, this may not be the book for you.

Overall I found this one to be entertaining and a light, easy read. I had some issues in the middle with Frankie’s behavior, but in the end it all works out well. If you are in the mood for a hot, new adult story with some three-way twists, this could be a good choice.

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