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Length: Novella

Will Derrie is kind of dating his friend Molly, but he is full of anxiety and not being totally honest with her. Molly knows that Will likes to be dominated, and she even knows about his boyfriends, Hugh and Truman. But Will still hasn’t been able to tell her the extent of his kinkiness and how much he needs pain and submission.

When the two take a trip together to visit the boyfriends, Will is able to be more open with Molly. He is even able to talk to her about what he really needs, and Molly is enthusiastic about giving it all a try. But somehow Will just can’t let go the way he does with Hugh, his insecurities getting in the way. Will needs to figure out how to really communicate with Molly so he can let go and really have the type of relationship with her that he craves.

Unexpected Gifts is the third book in Kris Ripper’s Scientific Method series and this story focuses primarily on Will and his new relationship with Molly. We can tell he really cares for her, and even though they can’t quite admit they are pretty serious with each other, it is clear they are good together. Molly is supportive (and quite enthusiastic) about Will’s relationship with the boyfriends and willing to do what Will needs from a Dom/sub end. The problems is Will’s insecurities about his kinkiness are still there and he is having trouble opening up honestly about what he needs and relaxing into it once he does share his feelings. These issues tie nicely with what we know about Will from earlier in the series, as his relationship with Hugh started from his inability to communicate with his female partners. So even though he has grown a lot, Will still struggles with this issue.

Although much of the focus here is on Will and Molly, the boyfriends play a big role as well (and seriously, I love that they are referred to as “the boyfriends”). Not only do we get a juicy, sexy scene with the three of them, but Hugh and Truman really help Will with his communication and working through his issues. We see once again how much these three men love, care for, and need one another. But we also still see that from a romantic end, Will is looking for something more. I love this relationship and the unique dynamics. I love that these three men care so intensely about each other, and can separate their emotional and romantic love. I adore Molly, who can just roll with things and is thrilled when she sends Will off to do dirty, kinky things with the boyfriends (and wants to hear all about it afterwards). I am not sure where things are going long term here, but I find these guys so engaging and their relationships really fascinating.

So this is another great installment in what is shaping up to be a fabulous series. I have all these books queued up and can’t wait to continue making my way through them.

P.S. This is technically book 3 in the series, but books 1 and 2 have been combined into one volume (Catalysts)

Cover: I love this cover. It is nothing fancy, but the cover model just captures Will’s vulnerability so perfectly. I kept thinking of it when I read, and it just sets the perfect tone for the story.

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