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Note: Vanished 3 is the conclusion of the three-part Vanished series. The books are an interconnected thriller/suspense story and therefore this review will have definite spoilers for the first two books in the series. The series is excellent and I can’t recommend it more highly.  However, if you are even thinking about starting this awesome trilogy, I would skip this review and go back and read my review of book 1, Vanished. For those who read the first two books, this will review will not spoil the final resolution. 

Henry has just gotten news that thrills him, but also leaves him an emotional mess: the body buried in his husband Tom’s grave is definitely not Tom. While the news gives Henry a glimmer of hope, it still doesn’t mean Tom is alive. And even if he is, what happened to him is still a mystery.

Luckily Henry has the support of his best friend Shaun, his son CJ, and his coworkers who all care about him and are determined to help him figure out what is going on. The first step is learning who is actually buried in Tom’s grave. Then they must hope that those answers will lead them to finding out what really happened to Tom all those months ago. Henry is cautiously optimistic, but after his past mental breakdown, having to face the hope that Tom is alive, followed by possibly learning he is truly gone, seems almost impossible to imagine. But Henry is determined that if Tom is out there, he will do everything possible to find his man.

Whew, you guys this series is so exciting! After two jaw dropping cliffhangers, we finally get resolution here to just what happened to Tom. I can’t say enough about how excellent this series is and how well Quinn managed to develop the mystery over the three books. I loved that this story constantly kept me guessing. I truly had no idea what could have happened to Henry and, at the same time, when it is all revealed, it ends up making perfect sense in the context of the larger story. Honestly, I loved that I couldn’t even guess what an HEA for Henry might mean until well into the third book. Is it getting Tom back? Is it finding love with someone else? Or is it just finally getting closure on the whole thing? I loved that it could be any of these options and they would have all worked with the story.

I will admit, things were a tiny bit slow here at the start. I found the story fascinating throughout, but I was anxious for some of the real action to begin. Yet, it totally makes sense that it takes time for them to develop leads and use the clues to learn more about what was really happening. And the resolution is exciting, suspenseful, creative, and really rewarding.

As with my other reviews for this series, I am keeping things short and simple here. I don’t want to give anything away because this is such an amazing suspense story and it is so cleverly done. So I would highly recommend the Vanished series and definitely encourage everyone to give it a try.

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