FE2LW badge copyHi everyone! I am so excited today to announce our upcoming theme week: Friends & Enemies to Lovers Week!!  It will be coming your way March 6-12. Thanks to everyone who voted and helped pick the theme.

Theme weeks are a week long celebration of a particular theme or trope. Past theme weeks have included Men in Uniform Week, Young Love Week, Rock Star Week, and many others. They are a big event here on the blog and always lots of fun. (And here is a quick link to all of our theme weeks) For this year’s theme week we are focusing on two tropes: Friends to Lovers and Enemies to Lovers.

So, what does a theme week involve? Well, everything that happens that week will revolve around our theme. So first, lots of reviews and guest spots featuring the above genres. Second, a Favorites list highlighting our favorite books with this theme. And third, a big ole giveaway!

As you can see, Friends and Enemies to Lovers Week is about seven weeks away, and there are lots of ways that you all can get involved as we get ready.


Do you have suggestions for books we should review for Friends & Enemies to Lovers Week? Any favorites that we have not already reviewed? Or anything you have been eager to hear about that you want us to check out for you? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments, or send me an email with your ideas. If any of you all are particular fans of this theme and are interested in writing a review or a post about it, I would love to talk to you about that too!

Authors and Publishers

Do you have a book out that you would like us to consider for review for Friends & Enemies to Lovers Week? Just let me know. We are particularly interested in books you may have coming out between now and then, or shortly after, so we can get a good mix of new and older books.

I am also looking for people to do guest spots on the blog that week. Specifically, people who can talk about some interesting aspect of the friends to lovers or enemies to lovers trope.


One of the hallmarks of our theme weeks are nice, big ole giveaway events. Do you have books you want to donate to our giveaway? We are open to anything that fits our theme. We are also thrilled to take prizes like gift cards, publisher store credits, or anything else fun you can think of.  For our last two theme weeks, we had over 100 prizes!  It was amazing and I would love to have another fabulous giveaway again. Each prize will be featured in detail on our Giveaway post (see our MIU week post for an example). They get tons of traffic and are always a big hit with readers. So if you have anything you would like to donate, let me know.


The gang and I are super excited about this one and can’t wait to share it with you. If anyone has any ideas for things I haven’t mentioned, let me know.  Thanks!

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