Today I am so pleased to welcome D.C. Williams to Joyfully Jay. D.C. has come to talk to us about her writing . She has also brought along some books to give away! Please join me in giving D.C. a big welcome!


(taps mic)

Hi, I’m D.C. Williams, and uh, (looks around nervously)

I can’t believe I’m here.

Can you tell I don’t do this much? Thanks to Jay for having me on her blog.

I do have a giveaway today, so hopefully I’m earning my keep, dear audience. I have two e-copies of The Price of Everything, and one e-set of Closer Than Brothers/Call it Forever, in any preferred format (e-pub, mobi, pdf), for three lucky winners, to be chosen by Joyfully Jay.

I am a writer. Obviously. If not, I’d be in the wrong place.

Like most writers, I wear my PR hat somewhat reluctantly. I was on a panel at a conference last summer and I nearly hid under the table, squeaking.

Not only am I a writer, I’m a writer of m/m. Once again, if not, I’d be in the wrong place.

Bear with me.

The writing of m/m has a great deal to do with my willingness to put up with kind strangers and mutant furniture. I wrote for years, without doing much of anything with any of it, and then I stumbled upon m/m romance through a strange backwards route that involved lesbian fic and gay history, and I thought…

I can do this.

Then the stories came pouring out. First a couple of novellas, and then my first, and longest, novel, The Price of Everything, which I’m giving away today. The title is from a saying attributed to Oscar Wilde, who apparently once said of a man that he knew “the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

My process has changed a little in the three years or so since I started writing that novel, and I made substantial revisions during the submission process. The final version was at least six thousand words longer than the original one, and probably differed by as much as twenty-five percent. I expanded the character of Glenn substantially, cut another character, dropped a couple of details, added quite a few more and eliminated a lot of meandering dialogue about Paul’s sexuality.

Through all of that, even on the days where I thought I would scream if I had to read through the ms yet one more time, my guys, Paul and Quinn, stayed with me. They told me their story, and helped me find a stronger voice in which to relay it.

Since then, I’ve developed a firmer sense of publisher expectations, and I’ve had a bunch of other “imaginary” couples (and a throuple) tell me their tales. My most recent releases, A Splendid Jape and An Avoncaster Christmas were regencies, and writing historical fiction has its own set of challenges. Nothing like trying to write characters who aren’t in denial, but have almost no vocabulary to define themselves with. Still, Paul and Quinn and the POE stay very close to my heart. They were there when I was still very much figuring out what I was doing, and every now and then I like to talk about them. Give their book a little bit of a plug. See if anyone else wants to join them for a winter in NYC while Paul examines everything he thought, and Quinn decides that Paul is worth more than a few complications.

And some day I may write about them again. I keep waiting for Quinn to whisper in my ear about how much he hates California but loves having Paul happy. Or for Paul to be blindsided by some crazy family circumstance. Who knows? I’ll be ready when they tell me.

(put mic down in holder with awful squawking noise)

Thank you.


The Price of EverythingA chance encounter with a college acquaintance leaves Paul Willauer questioning everything, from who he is to what he wants from life.

New attorney, Paul Willauer stops into a local bar for a bite to eat after work and runs into an old college acquaintance, Quinn Fitzpatrick.

Paul thinks an encounter with Quinn will satisfy his curiosity about being with another man, but instead he finds himself questioning everything he’d thought about who he was and what he wanted. When an episode of violence threatens to shatter the fragile love that has grown between Paul and Quinn, will Paul walk away or choose to stay?


D.C. WilliamsD.C. Williams is a funny little middle-aged woman who lives mostly in Pennsylvania with one spouse and one child. She writes books.


D.C. has brought 2 copies of The Price of Everything and one copy each of Call it Forever and Closer Than Brothers to give away as a set (so there will be three winners). Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Friday, January 29th at 11:59 pm EST.

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