Today I am so pleased to welcome Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen to Joyfully Jay. Jenn and Kelly have come to talk to us about their latest release, Inversion Point, the fourth book in their Chaos Station series (and that Sue totally loved). They have also brought along a great giveaway!  Please join me in giving Jenn and Kelly a big welcome!

Zed’s Playlist

Like a lot of writers, I enjoy picking out songs that say something about my characters—what they’re going through, who they are, maybe even who they’re going to be. Though I don’t listen to music as I write, listening to a particular song or playlist before I sit down to put words on the screen can get me in the right mood or headspace. Here are a few songs I associate with Zed from the Chaos Station series.

Do I Wanna Know? by the Arctic Monkeys

This was the song that prompted Zed’s character in my head. The slow groove (he’s not really an excitable guy), plus all the questions about where he stands with Felix. It even inspired his love of music, with the line about playing a tune that reminds him of his lover on repeat.

Come Alive by the Foo Fighters

This song perfectly fits Zed’s mindset when he discovers that Felix is alive in Chaos Station after thinking he was dead for eight years. Zed was at the end of his rope after the experimentation that helped to stop the war but left him forever changed—he understood that his time was nearly up and he was almost okay with it. Then there was Flick, alive, and it changed everything.

Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips

I love this romantic song. It suits the dedication between Zed and Felix so well. I could see Zed singing this to Felix at some point, much to Felix’s chagrin.

Redemption by Redlight King

There’s no denying that Zed has issues with how the Allied Earth Forces treated him and his teammates, but he also feels damaged and dirtied by his choices. This song captures that sense that he needs to somehow find some redemption.

Pulling Teeth by The Cardboard Crowns

Though the video and the song is all about beating big corporations, the lyrics could easily fit Zed’s headspace about the AEF after the events of Skip Trace (he’s really not their biggest fan anymore).

(Fun fact, this band is originally from Ottawa, my home town.)

If you’ve read the series, I’d love to hear if you have any particular songs that come to mind for either Felix or Zed.



Inversion Point (Chaos Station #4)Inversion Point

Book four of Chaos Station

Zander and Felix’s relationship has been to the brink and back: the Human-Stin War, imprisonment and death/resurrection. Zander’s death, to be specific, and the experience has left him…changed. The mysterious race known as the Guardians chose to revive him and appointed him as their emissary. A high honor, but he could do without the group of would-be cultists following him around the galaxy.

When a recently discovered species destroys a stin probe, Zander’s new role soon commands all of his time and focus. The human ambassador—Felix’s ex-lover, much to Zander’s annoyance—pulls them into strategy talks aimed at preserving galactic peace. Soon everyone is relying on Zander’s Guardian tech to telepathically communicate with the strange aliens.

Only Felix seems concerned with the strain piling up on Zander, but he has his own resolve tested when the very stin that imprisoned him show up to a summit. Zander and Felix will both have to find a way to face their doubts and preserve their love—while preventing another galaxy-wide war.

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Jenn and Kelly met in 2009 through a mutual infatuation with a man who wasn’t real. After all but crashing the video game’s forums with daily dissection of their obsession, they started writing together, discovered they really liked writing together and began plotting stories in worlds of their own creation.

The CHAOS STATION series aren’t the first books they’ve written together, and they’re pretty sure they won’t be the last. As long as their so-called smartphones keep making autocorrects that trigger brainstorming sessions, they’ll have enough character ideas and plots to keep them writing for years to come.

Connect with Jenn: Twitter | Facebook | Website

Connect with Kelly: Twitter | Facebook | Website


Jenn and Kelly have brought a great tour-wide prize that includes the first three books in the Chaos Station series (Chaos Station, Lonely Shore and Skip Trace) and a $25 gift card to the online bookseller of your choice. Signing up for their newsletter gives access to our free Chaos Station story, “Graduation”.

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