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Length: Novella

Ryan Bishop’s life as a paramedic has had him responding to more than his fair share of bizarre situations. Lately, he keeps encountering the same man, who seems to always pop up to save the day. Ryan finds his interest piqued as to who this man is and why he always refuses medical treatment despite having significant injuries.

Phillip works for a rare book dealer. After translating an old journal, he began having supernatural powers. One of those is his ability to heal quickly. When he begins seeing Ryan on a regular basis after he rescues someone and Ryan continues to question him, Philip decides to divulge his secret. As the two begin seeing one another, they realize that Phillip’s powers may only work if he’s got Ryan there to make him all better.

I will admit, I am not a huge fan of paranormal books, yet, every once in a while I find myself reading one because the blurb reached out and grabbed me. This is one of those books. You have a paramedic (love a man in uniform!) and what appears to be a superhero. Both are lifesavers. Put them together and you should get magic, right?

There was magic. Two men meet over an accident scene and neither able to get the other out of his head. Then they meet again. It must be fate! As the two begin a relationship with one another, they appear to complete one another. Their story is cute and sexy all rolled into one.

Unfortunately, despite the story being cute and sexy, as a reader, I need something more to my stories. This book is a perfect example of a story that just couldn’t pull all the pieces together within the narrow confines of a novella. Instead, parts of the story are missing – and, in this case, those parts are the one’s readers need to know in order to understand what exactly the powers Phillip has, how they came about, and how he controls them. Instead, we get a vague description of how he got them without any of the details.

Overall, this story was just okay. It was a cute and sexy romance story with a hint of paranormal going on, but without a lot of technical detail about how all that paranormal activity works. It you don’t like a lot of details about your paranormal powers of your characters, you may find this is the story for you.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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