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Length: Novella

Newly minted high school grad Morgan Breck has the summer free, and he spends the mornings ogling the construction workers as they put up a house across the street from his. One worker in particular catches his eye, and Morgan can’t keep his mind off him. When a storm brews up quickly, Morgan offers the man shelter and he finally meets Kele “Sparrow” Smith. It turns out that Sparrow has been noticing Morgan as well, and the two young men hit it off. Sparks fly and a relationship begins.

Morgan has long bowed to his conservative and Christian parents’ wishes. So much so, that he’s stuffed down his attraction to other men and has not spoken of his sexuality since he was 16. But Sparrow makes him feel so much more than he ever has before. As the summer draws to a close, and college looms in Morgan’s future, he has to make a choice. Do as his parents wish and attend a Christian college in Kentucky, or follow his heart and his soul to be with Sparrow?

Oh, I liked this story. There wasn’t anything particularly earth shattering here, but it was a really well written short novella. The story flowed well, the characters were believable and real, and it all came to a very satisfying and sweet conclusion.

I really liked Morgan. He was the perfect mix of assured and insecure, and it was in keeping with who his character should be. This is a guy with conservative parents, and he’s lived a somewhat sheltered life. Add to that the fact that he’s always felt like a bit of an outsider and he’s kept to himself, and you have a young man who wants to be confident, and almost succeeds. I liked the way he was written, and I found myself sucked into his story immediately. I liked his internal bravado, and I particularly enjoyed the way he grew into himself and his desires over the course of the summer.

This book is on the shorter side, and for the most part, that worked just fine. But there were a couple of scenes I would have liked to see fleshed out a little more, so that I could really dive into what was going on. I adored Sparrow immensely, but I would have liked to know him a little better.

Overall, this story worked for me  If you’re looking for a quick read that’s got a really nice coming of age story, with just a bit of heat and a lot of emotion, then this one is definitely for you.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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