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Length: Novella

Jake is starting over. When he sees the house, it’s run down and a step away from demolition, but he thinks it’s perfect. He buys it, and then hires all manner of workers to start making it his dream home. But Jake doesn’t sit still wel, and when the landscaper, Dakota, says he can help, Jake jumps at the chance.

His attraction to Dakota is obvious, but Jake does his best to focus on the work at hand. A series of mishaps makes it seem like Jake is clumsy and incapable, but Dakota doesn’t shy away. And when Dakota finally makes a move, Jake is relieved. The two have been getting along well, and now they can take things to the next level. The gorgeous yard isn’t the only thing growing, and Jake and Dakota’s relationship just might be as well.

So, you ever read a story and you just get the happy feels in your heart? Yeah, that was Fixer-Upper for me. It was adorable, sweet, clever, and just a really lovely little story. I was sucked in and absorbed, and just really enjoyed the whole story.

Jake is just so freaking adorable. He’s been battered around, but he’s picking himself up again. I loved his determination and his grit. I loved how sweet he was. I love how he got a little clumsy and accident prone around Dakota. I love how he showed his strength when faced with his ex. I just really adored the hell out of him and would have loved to stay with him longer.

Dakota is fantastic too. I felt like I didn’t get to know him quite as well as Jake, as this story is told solely through Jake’s third person POV, but having him colored by Jake’s perspective actually worked really well. We got to know him over time, just like Jake did, and I think it added a little something to the story. He’s got a great heart, and has no trouble going after what he wants. I thought he was the perfect counterpoint to Jake, and together they work really well.

I think that the author peppered in some really clever little scenes, especially with Jake’s on the job accidents. My one tiny quibble with this story was just not knowing for too long what had happened to Jake, why he was at the place in his life he was now, and how he had the funds to hire everyone to fix the house. But it was easy enough to forgive. I loved that it ended with an HFN ending, simply because it fit the story so well and gave us hope for the future.

Really, this is a great feel good read, and if you’re looking for a lovely little romance then this is the one for you. I loved it from start to finish, and can whole heartedly recommend it to you.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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