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Nothing is ever easy for Zander Anatolius and his lover Felix. Over the course of the last year, Zander has survived the near fatal side effects of Project Dreamweaver and become Emissary for the all-powerful Guardians. And Felix has been always beside him. Never emotionally stable but always devoted, Felix has proven more than once that he’s willing to burn the universe to save Zander.

Now the Guardians have summoned Zander to serve as translator for the Resonance, a new species eager to make contact. But in doing so, Zander must work alongside the Stin, an old enemy who imprisoned Felix as a POW and made their lives a living hell. It becomes obvious that someone wants to destroy the burgeoning peace talks and is willing to kill anyone who stands in their way. After an explosion leaves Felix near death, Zander is forced to stand on the sidelines and play diplomat as Felix fights for life alone. With peace in the balance, the crew of the Chaos must become both saviors and destroyers and hope they survive.

Inversion Point is another fantastic addition to the Chaos Station series. These books really must be read in order to fully understand the multi layered plot lines and extensive characterizations. At the beginning of Inversion Point, the relationship between Zander and Felix is stronger than ever. Zander has settled into his role as Emissary for the Guardians and Felix has begun to deal with some of the complex emotional baggage he’s carried since the war. But a summons from the Guardians brings them into contact with their old enemies and a new ally. What follows is a rush of political diplomacy that reads as surprisingly edgy and tense. Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen have consistently done a great job of balancing out the action of this series with incredible characters and intense poignancy and if anything, Inversion Point ramps everything up a notch.

Felix has always been my favorite character, despite my fondness for Zander, and in this book it’s safe to say that Felix is put through the wringer. But in many ways it was time. So many of Felix’s problems have been repeatedly put on hold as he struggled to save Zander from the effects of Project Dreamweaver. In Inversion Point, Felix is forced to confront his past in more ways than one and to deal with a potentially crippling injury. But he does so with the same quick wit and weary cynicism that make him such a wonderful character. He and Zander grow even closer and finally reach the same realization that readers have had for some time now: that for better or worse, Felix and Zander cannot exist without one another. Theirs is an epic romance and I just wanted to cheer aloud for them.

It seems like most aliens in science fiction are portrayed as so bizarre as to be un-relatable or as a potential threat. But in Inversion Point we meet the Resonance, who are described as menacingly armored creatures with spikes and baffling communication skills. But they are utterly adorable! The authors describe them as being over excited puppies and it’s so true. They are utterly overjoyed to have made new species contacts and the potential of the unknown thrills them. It seems silly, but the Resonance were delightful to read about because of both their childlike eagerness and their devotion to both Zander and Felix.

Inversion Point is the fourth in the Chaos Station series and apparently the next book will be the last. I was pretty devastated when I discovered that tidbit but all good things must come to an end, I suppose. Given that Inversion Point is the strongest of the series to date, it will be interesting to see how the final book plays out. I definitely recommend Inversion Point for anyone who loves great science fiction with an amazing romance between two utterly addictive characters.

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