Leather Wishes: The Adventures of the Fancy ManRating: 3.5 stars
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Welcome to the leather bar “The Cockpit” where men, many who are still in the closet, work up the courage to step through the doors. Some of these men are seeking to live out their darkest fantasies , which include being bound, gagged, and beaten. This book contains several shorter stories all focusing on the main character, Mason.

Mason is 6’4″ of pure sculpted muscles. An actor by day who typically stars in plays and voiceovers, he uses his talent to create the perfect fantasy for men who have spent their lives hiding in the closet. While most of the men who seek out the bar are looking for Mason to play the role of “Tyrone,” a hulking black top who is willing to show the “newbie” in the prison system how things work around there, Mason chooses not to play this role anymore. Instead, he seeks out new roles to play, earning his the title of “Fancy Man.” So these are his stories…


Fancy Man and the Black Lion’s Mark

Leo is in a bar where men over fifty are a rarity and the chances of meeting someone who will make his fantasy come true are almost nil… except that Mason is willing to give Leo the night of his dreams. Leo has had an unfulfilled fantasy since he was fourteen years old of being the white captive being brought to the ruler of the Black Lion tribe where he must past a series of tests.

I will admit, I was a bit reluctant to get into this story because there was just something not sexy about this hot male stud having sexual relations with an old man. Yet, at the same time, it helped to set the stage for the other stories because we realize that all of this is just another part Mason is playing.


Fancy Man and the Southern Gentleman

Charles Beaumont seeks out Mason to punish him for his ancestors’ sin of being slave owners. He wants to be punished and punished hard. Though this is the beginning of Mason’s and Charles’ relationship, I have to tell you that this bordered on hardcore BDSM.


Fancy Man and the Lipstick Lesbian

Mason meets Katie as she is in the parking lot of the bar crying in her vehicle. Fancy and delicate, Mason knows the bar’s leather clad lesbians aren’t going to take Katie’s desire seriously. Mason steps in and creates a fantasy where Katie will be whipped at the bar, except the best whip wielder is Burke, who is gay through and through and unwilling to do anything feminine. So Mason and his new slave Charles have to find a way to get these two to work together.

Of all the stories, this was my least favorite. I am not a fan of lady parts in my reading. Along with that, the background characters’ reaction to a woman being whipped seemed unrealistic.


Fancy Man and the Three Princes

Robbie is out of place as a bartender who dreams of rose petals and romance, while working in a leather bar. When Robbie is dumped by his boyfriend, the “Fancy Man” steps up to repair the bartender’s broken heart with a birthday fantasy. He offers Robbie three “princes,” each with a special gift and sexual expertise.’

This was by far my favorite of the stories, and that was because Robbie was just one of those lovable characters that you just can’t get enough of.


A Fancy Man Holiday

Mason is introducing his lover and slave, Charles, to his mother, meaning he is starting to take their relationship to the next level. In the meantime, he has to help his friend, Owen, from turning into a bitter hermit; save a rejected slave, Hadji, from despair; and find a way to keep his sister and her boyfriend together.

The longest of the stories, it was nice to see that Mason and Charles move beyond just the master and slave relationship, especially since up until this point we are told there is something going on between them but we don’t really feel it.


Overall, I wasn’t a fan of the stories in this anthology as a whole. While Mason came across as someone who wanted to do good in the first story, it seemed contradictory to how he treated people in later stories. I also wasn’t a fan of the dark BDSM in the Mason and Charles story. For me, it was a complete turnoff. For me, this book was a miss, but if readers don’t mind their BDSM to be a bit on the dark side, you may find this is the book for you.

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