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Jon McNeill is sitting in a meeting, bored senseless and playing on his phone. On a whim he decides to check his kinky dating app and is shocked to see a perfect match… sitting right in the same room. It turns out that Rick Pierce, the wealthy owner of the architecture firm’s biggest client, is a sub looking for a Dom, and he and Jon seem perfectly suited.

At first Jon is totally freaked out. Rick’s corporate business is what is keeping Jon’s firm afloat right now and he doesn’t want to do anything to mess that up. Not to mention that the gorgeous, wealthy businessman seems miles out of his league. But he and Rick seem so compatible that they give it a shot, and it turns out to be everything that both men want. Rick is so beautifully submissive and their sexual interests align perfectly. Soon their time together becomes a major part of both their lives and the relationship grows more serious.

Keeping things a secret, however, takes a major toll on both men. But they also know that it could lead to disaster if anyone finds out about them. Jon is sure he will be fired if his bosses know he is sleeping with a client. But when the truth comes out, the ramifications are worse than either man expected.

What first drew me to this book was the great set up. I loved the idea of Jon scrolling through a dating site, only to find his match sitting right across the table. And not just any match, but the gorgeous and super wealthy client that is keeping Jon’s firm in business. It is such a delicious conflict, made all the better by how the power dynamic fuels Jon’s fantasy as the average working guy dominating the rich businessman. Jon clearly totally gets off on the reverse power dynamic and much of the book focuses on that fantasy and how it plays out in their sex lives and even in Jon’s mind. I liked this kind of bedroom role reversal and the story is full of kinky, sexy scenes between the two of them. And when I say full, I am not exaggerating.

The issue for me is that the fantasy element seemed so strong here that it became hard at times to see what else there was between them. So much of the story focuses on Rick almost as this fantasy image versus as a real person. Jon is constantly thinking to himself how hot it is that he has perfect Rick Pierce on his knees, how much he loves that this wealthy businessman will submit to him. Rick almost became a symbol rather than a real person to me. It isn’t helped by the fact that we barely get to know Rick at all during the book. The story is in Jon’s POV, and outside of the times they are having sex, we mostly see Rick sitting in business meetings. We barely ever even see him speak to anyone but Rick. There is one point we get a tiny bit of backstory as we learn Rick grew up poor, but are then given no detail at all and nothing to explain how he got from there to this super successful businessman he is today. Jon is more fleshed out, and enjoyed his banter with his friends and his relationship with his ex-wife. But I just felt like so much of their relationship was about how hot Jon found Rick’s submission from a power dynamic standpoint and very little was about the two of them as actual people. This was not helped by the fact that the book is very long and these themes just seemed to repeat over and over. By the time the book ends, we see these guys out of the bedroom enough that I could believe they cared for each other. But I still felt like this focus on the fantasy took away from the relationship and just made Rick a very flat, albeit likable, character.

I think what made this story for me is the heat and physical connection between these two guys. The chemistry between them is strong and I could totally believe in their attraction to each other. The story is hot and kinky with a nice power dynamic. So if you are looking for a story with heat and lots of sexual chemistry, I can recommend this for sure. I wanted a little more focus on the people behind the roles, but I think overall this was an enjoyable book.

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