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Adam Lancaster’s life finally seems to be running smoothly. His dream of getting the Home for Hope, a LGBT shelter/community center, off the ground was a success and it is now housing over fifteen youths. He’s been with Elijah Langley for nearly six months and they are getting ready to make it official by moving in together and caring for their charge, Kollin Haverty, a youth they rescued from a horrible situation. Then comes the phone call…

When Adam’s birth mother calls, out of the blue, Adam’s life is thrown into a tailspin. The last time he saw her was when she dropped him off at his grandparents’ house when he was a young teen and they never returned, even when his grandmother died and his grandfather was placed in a nursing home. Now his mother wants to make amends…but can he trust her?

Opening his heart to his mother again, Adam realizes that a tiger never changes its stripes when the real reason for his mother’s return is to gain access to the inheritance his grandfather left him. His devastation at his mother’s second betrayal cuts him so deeply that he shuts out those around him and runs away, leaving Elijah and Kollin lost.

As Adam begins to dig himself out of his despair, he has to find the strength to confront his birth parents so that he can begin to heal, Then he needs to make amends to Elijah and Kollin before it’s too late.

This is the second book in the Home for Hope series. It is recommended that readers read the books in order in order to fully appreciate the story. If you haven’t read the first in the series, Redeeming Hope, I highly recommend that you do as it was a solid 5 stars. So when the opportunity to review the second in the series came, I jumped at the chance.

This story has a completely different feel to it. Where the first story was uplifting, this story much more emotional – so grab your Kleenex!

Picking up where the first story ended, Adam and Elijah are in the process of becoming the legal guardians of Kollin. Though the two still maintain separate apartments, Adam spends more time with Elijah and Kollin than he does at home and they are getting ready to make it “official” by Adam moving in. Then Adam gets a phone call…

Adam’s mother, Jessica, storms back into Adam’s life. Slowly we begin to see Adam change from the secure and confident man into a scared and insecure little boy that was still bottled up inside him. As readers watch the change within Adam, it will tear your heart out! Just as it does for Elijah and Kollin who are watching what is happening to Adam and are incapable of pulling him out of his dark place so long as he insists on not reaching out a hand for them to grab.

Readers will be pleasantly surprised to find that Elijah is the one who shows all the strength in this story. Whereas in the previous book it was Adam who helped Elijah, in this story, it is Elijah who is trying to keep all the pieces together. I was impressed with his determination to stick by Adam even when it seemed as if all was lost. I was also impressed with his ability to fall right into the parenting role and be there for Kollin.

Kollin is one of those pieces. While he was still as snarky as he was in the first book, Kollin’s reaction to Adam abandoning him may have readers disliking Adam immensely. After learning to trust again after what happened with his parents, having Adam break his promise to him (and to all the kids at the center) is devastating for Kollin. Four word – tears your heart out!!!

I have to say, though I abhorred Jessica, I loved her role in the story! This woman is pure evil and her character is written so well that you can honestly see how Adam was taken back into her web.

Overall, I have to admit, despite the change in feel from the first book, I actually loved this book even more than the first! Loaded with angst, full of emotion that bled off the pages, readers will find themselves unable to put this book down because you just have to know what happens next. I highly recommend this book!

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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