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Rich is busy, really busy. His shifts at the coffee shop and volunteering at the teen shelter leave him little time to date and when he does, his online dating options have crashed and burned. He has all but given up hope on finding a real relationship and his home life is even less inspired with his notoriously messy roommates.

Diego works hard with the Las Vegas Division of Search and Rescue and spends a good portion of his days rock climbing. His favorite pastime when he’s not working is spending time at the coffee shop and watching the sexy barista. It takes Diego a while to get up the nerve to finally ask Rich out and while Rich certainly thinks Diego is easy on the eyes, he’s not so sure about dating a customer.

When they do get together, the heat between them rises and it’s not at all just about the hot weather. Diego only wants to wrap Rich up and take care of him, but Rich was a witness to a car accident and a murder and someone is telling him he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and definitely saw the wrong thing. Just when Rich has finally found the man of his dreams, someone is going to great lengths to take it all away.

Searching for Shelter follows along with the formula of the Sin City Uniforms series. The series revolves around uniformed men and their love interests and a murder or suspense plot. This book follows suit with Diego being in uniform with search and rescue and Rich being a civilian.

Knight always gives her characters entertaining inner dialogue that shows what they are thinking when they meet their man.

“Lots of butter on the popcorn?”

Rich let out an even easier laugh. That was what Diego wanted to hear.

“Of course. What would be the point otherwise?”

Can I lick it off your fingers?

There is minimal character development here and we learn a little more about Rich than we do Diego. The focus here is on the men building a relationship. At the start, Diego is careful and kind and completely entranced by Rich’s pretty face. He likes all things male, all things Rich, and is completely on board showing him and taking care of Rich’s assets. The men are hot and steamy together and the scenes are written well with Knight’s signature erotic style.

The relationship between these guys moves quickly and is for the most part angst free. The mystery side of things is the weak link for me with this series overall. The overall plot of someone being after Rich was kind of tacked on for added tension and if you think about it too hard, there are many areas that have holes, areas that don’t make a lot of sense, and some loose threads. There were also a lot of areas of telling with a lot of inner dialogue and both guys spend a lot of time in their own heads.

I still keep coming back to this series and I will continue to look for future books. While there is a definitive formula, you know what you are getting with this series and Knight also checks in with all of the men of the previous books. Sometimes a book like this is exactly what is needed, where the intimate scenes are hot, the characters are fun, and there is a happily ever after waiting on the last page.


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