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Length: Novella

Deer shifter Jason Fleetfoot fell in with the wrong crowd, but he decided to turn his life around and, with the help of his sister’s boyfriend, is finally on a good path with a job as a evidence technician at the police department. When vampire Drew Danvers comes looking for some evidence to be processed on the downlow, Jason doesn’t know if he should help the sexy man or report him. In the end, he helps but he wants some answers from Drew as well.

Drew was turned against his will, and when he catches wind of a case that has all the hallmarks of his sadistic maker, Trent, Drew is determined to do whatever it takes to catch the man. When in Jason’s lab getting a report on his evidence, a lust demon attacks and Jason is caught in its powers before Drew kills it. Drew helps Jason deal with his problem, both of them acting on the attraction that has been brewing between them for a long while. They both vow it’s a onetime thing. But Drew is drawn to Jason, and Jason can’t stop thinking about Drew.

They act on their attraction, and keep having sex. And Drew isn’t supposed to working the case, but he can’t stay away. He knows that Trent is after him, and trying to draw him out. But now Trent knows his attachment to Jason, and Drew is determined to protect the man he is coming to love. And it turns out that their mutual love is the only thing that will save Drew’s life.

Okay, I have to admit that I came away from this one with mixed feelings. Part of that is due to the style, as this book is told with alternating first person present POVs. I admit to it not being my favorite way to tell a story. And there were a couple of small moments where I wasn’t sure where I was, and it took me a few seconds to get reoriented. Overall it wasn’t too much of an issue though, and so it only dampened my enjoyment a slight amount. It’s a personal preference, and if it doesn’t bother you, then you certainly won’t have an issue with it.

Jason is a great character. He’s very self aware, and I loved that about him. He knew his limitations and his faults, and he also knew what he was good at. I liked being in his head, and found my time there a little more enjoyable. Drew was, for me, a little bit harder to like. Part of that stemmed from his attitude, but I also found him a little inconsistent. He was supposed to be a by the books kind of guy who did what he had to to stay on the force after he was turned, but he also went against every regulation by tracking the bad guy. I loved him when he was with Jason, and the way the two of them interacted, but I had a little trouble with him outside of the romance.

I thought this story had a good balance of romance and action. It’s isn’t too long, but the author did a great job of fleshing out both aspects of the story. There wasn’t any great mystery, but I liked the little bit of intrigue that was included. On the whole, both major plot points worked well.

This is the first of a series, and I think it was a good start. I’ll definitely be looking forward to more in this world. If shifters and vampires are your thing, then this one I can recommend to you

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