Stronger, Better, Faster, More, cover by Mina CarterRating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Beau Warren has found himself with inexplicable abilities: endurance, strength, and super fast healing among them. Beau has no idea where these powers came from, but he is determined to use them for good and finds himself helping people out of burning buildings and otherwise rescuing them from impending doom. While on one of his missions, Beau encounters Vel Chandrasekhar, his former high school crush. Vel seems to have new abilities as well, in his case it’s super speed. Beau hasn’t seen Vel for years, not since before he transitioned and Vel knew him as a female soccer player.

The guys are happy to reunite and it turns out that Beau is in need of a roommate, while Vel is ready to move out of his sister’s house. The two move in together and make a perfect superhero duo. Between Beau’s strength and Vel’s speed, the men find themselves able to help save a lot of people. But they do find it quite suspicious why there is a sudden rash of fires and other apparent accidents. Neither Vel nor Beau have any idea where their abilities came from, but Vel’s sister has been doing some research and Vel has been trying to connect with other would-be superheroes he encounters at scenes of crisis. There definitely seems to be something bigger going on, but no one is having luck figuring out what.

As Vel and Beau rekindle their friendship, the attraction Beau had to Vel back in school comes roaring back. Vel seems to share that attraction and the two begin a friends-with-benefits arrangement that is hot and perfect for both of them. Except Beau wants more, he always has. He just knows that Vel isn’t interested in a relationship. And Vel finds himself having feelings for Beau, feelings he tries to stifle given the failures of his past relationships. But the more time the guys spend with each other, the more their feelings for one another are too strong to ignore. At the same time, the mystery of what is behind their powers is heating up, and it becomes clear that someone out there means them harm. The guys are close to finding their happiness together, but whoever is behind the master plan may have other ideas.

Oh, this one was so much fun, you guys! I love a good superhero story and I totally feel in love with both Vel and Beau. The story is a great mix of the steamy, sexy romance combined with the fun of the super powers and a dash of mystery and suspense.

Ok, so let’s start with the hot stuff. Oh, is this book nice and sexy and dirty. One of the side effects of their new abilities is an increased libido and the attraction these guys have to one another is palpable and the need just pours off of them. They get a little help from their super powers as well. Vel is all, yeah, manhandle me you big super-strong guy. And did I mention that my super speed makes my tongue and fingers vibrate? I mean seriously, this is such steamy, dirty, sexy fun.

I loved these guys together. They are both kind and giving and open. They care about other people and they risk their safety to help others. They love their families and are just all around likable guys. The authors really do a nice job developing these characters. I loved the background we get on Vel and his Tamil family and traditions. I liked that pretty much everyone but Vel knows Beau was crazy about him in high school and still is. The side characters provide nice support without stealing the focus of the story. I just loved how open and accepting both guys are and how they find themselves falling for one another despite themselves. And hot. Did I mention hot?

Aside from the relationship end as these guys figure out how to transition from fuck buddies to something more, the story also focuses on these mysterious super powers. We get some nice world building as we learn about their abilities, the research they have done into the situation, etc. We don’t learn a ton about the larger group of superheroes (I kind of wonder if there might be more coming in the form of a series), but it is enough to get a sense of the big picture. I liked that we learn about the situation along with Beau and Vel, that they are figuring it all out and we are uncovering it with them. There is a bit of suspense toward the end as they get closer to the truth and find not everyone is interested in them learning what is really going on.

So overall I just really loved this story. If you are fan (as I am) of Hawthorne’s Superpowered Love series, I think you will find yourself enjoying this one as well. It is a different world than that series, but the creativity and sense of fun, as well as the heat between the guys, is similar. I think this book makes the list of my top favorites from Hawthorne. So if you are looking for a fun story of two super sexy superpowered guys making that transition from roommates to more, definitely check this one out.

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