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Will and Patrick are back in the fourth installment of the Wake Up Married serial. As with the other books, this one directly continues the overarching story, and so these episodes all need to be read in order.

Will and Patrick have finally given in to the attraction between them and decided to enjoy the amazing sexual connection they have. Sparks fly and everything physical between them is fabulous. However, the more time they spend together, the more it is clear that the feelings aren’t just of a friendly nature. But Will is fresh off ending things with Ryan and still figuring out this new sexual side of himself. He knows Patrick is attracted to him, and that Patrick makes him feel good about himself in a way almost no one else does in his life. But he also knows that Patrick doesn’t want a relationship and just wants out of the marriage. Will hopes he can continue his friendship with Patrick when things get resolved with the divorce, but he doesn’t even let himself think about more. Of course, for his part, Patrick is suddenly having feelings and emotions he doesn’t want, but can’t quite help. It seems clear that Will is going to be finding someone new once their divorce comes through, and it is killing Patrick, but he knows he can’t have Will. In the meantime, however, the guys are determined to enjoy the sexual spark between them while they still can.

Woo hoo! Will and Patrick have finally succumbed to the crazy sexual tension between them and we get all kinds of down and dirty here in this installment. It is fun and sexy, but the authors also do a wonderful job of showcasing the caring and tenderness between them. For example, fresh off a bout of crazy sex, Will is wiped and Patrick is checking his blood sugar, making sure he is all right. It is a lovely mix of steamy and sweet and shows off nicely how there is crazy heat between them, but also a real growing affection. I can really believe in these guys and how much they are starting to mean to each other.

Of course, both men have feelings and both men are hiding them, sure the other doesn’t feel the same. There is some lack of communication here that usually bothers me, but I think it works here partly because we haven’t really seen it in previous episodes and also because it is kind of expected at this point. This is part four of six, so clearly there needs to be some conflict that doesn’t get resolved right away. So as we move to the last couple of stories, I am hoping we rely less on lack of communication as the main conflict, but I am not too bothered by it right now.

Overall I thought this was a great installment of this super fun serial. If you are reading along, this one was definitely worth the short break since episode three. I am totally obsessed with these guys and love both of them. I must admit Patrick is kind of my favorite because he is their perfect mix of seeming like an asshole (and sometimes being one), but with such a sweet mushy center you can’t help but love him. I am really enjoying this series and can’t wait to see what happens next!

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