So hurray! Crazy stuff going on with the blog right now. Thank you to the anonymous hackers who have nothing better to do than mess with my site.

Ok, so apparently one of my subsites was hacked. This triggered Symantec/Norton to place a warning that my site was dangerous. So some folks who use this system are getting warnings from them or are unable to access the blog at all. This seems to have then led Twitter/FB/Yahoo to follow suit and block my site URL, or individual page URLs, from being posted.

Once I got word this was going on, I called my internet host who scanned the whole blog and found these files were in a specific subsite, which I have since deleted. So the site should be clean and safe as of now. However, in order to get Symantec’s blessing and have the site deemed officially safe again by their standards, I had to submit it for re-evaluation through their system and I am told this can take anywhere from 12-24 hours for it to be approved.

So at this point, it is a waiting game. Some folks may still have issues accessing the blog for a bit longer. And you may have trouble posting links to the blog. It seems as if my blog post tweets are working, and that you can retweet/share those with no problem. You just can’t type the links into social media directly. I am hoping this is resolved soon, but this seems to be one of those things where I just have to jump through the hoops and wait for them to get to me. I will keep you guys posted and update you as soon as I hear anything.

Thanks so much to those folks who gave me a heads up that they were having problems. Sometimes I don’t see the issues on my end because I have direct access to the site, so I greatly appreciate you guys letting me know if you see anything weird.

Thanks for bearing with me!

ETA [1/7/16 9:30 pm EST]: Because why the fuck not…. In addition to the above, I don’t seem to be able to send email to anyone with a Yahoo address. Not sure if it is related to all the above shenanigans or not. Trying to sort it out. AND for some reason on certain browsers the white background on the blog is gone. So some of you are seeing text on the squiggly background directly instead of on the nice white background where you can actually read it. Sigh. Working on that too. In the meantime, Safari and Firefox both seem to be working ok. No idea why everything has decided to crap out at once. Thanks for bearing with me.

[1/7/16 10:00 pm EST]: Ok, apparently NO browsers like me right now and the white background is gone everywhere. Hold me people. Sigh. Working on it….

[1/7/16 11:15 pm EST]: Well, tiny improvement. The white background is kind of back. At least it covers the main blog post text area. My pitiful attempts at troubleshooting indicate that the white image file was on the development site that got deleted, instead of on the main site where it should be. So I was able to make some tweaks and get it to appear, but somehow I don’t have the most recent, wide white background loaded on the main site, so it doesn’t extend all the way across like it should. I am working with my designer to get that fixed. But at least in the meantime it is legible. Sorry, we are getting there!

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