new coming this weekHello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely week and are enjoying your Valentine’s Day! I am celebrating by having a daytime date with my hubby for lunch and a trip to see Deadpool! I am super excited (can anyone say Ryan Reynolds?). Plus I have heard the movie is awesome. We decided to have Valentine’s dinner with the kids so nothing to fancy, but it should be a fun day.

We are moving right along with our planning for Friends & Enemies to Lovers Week! I will have an update posting later today with a list of our fabulous guest posters. We also have already gathered some amazing prizes and I’ll share some of those with you later on as well. We are still collecting donations for prizes, so if anyone has Friends to Lovers or Enemies to Lovers books they want to contribute, just shoot me an email.

We have lots of great stuff this week, including an interview with C.S. Pacat tomorrow where she talks all about Kings Rising and the Captive Prince series, so be sure to check it out. Here is what else we have planned….

  • Interview: Kings Rising by C.S. Pacat
  • Review: Getting Him Back by K.A. Mitchell (Jay)
  • Review: Mute Witness by Rick R. Reed (Wendy)
  • Review: Black of Night by T.C. Blue (Kirsty)

  • Review: Love Me Tenor by Annabeth Albert (Jay)
  • Review: Foxes by Suki Fleet (Michelle)
  • Review: The Best Laid Plans by Laura Gallagher (Wendy)
  • Review: Project Ordell by Susannah Hays (Camille)

  • Review: Dancer of Death by Jordan L. Hawk (Jay)
  • Audiobook Review: What Can Be by Mary Calmes (Michelle)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Some Assembly Required by Lex Chase and Bru Baker
  • Review: Save of the Game by Avon Gale (Wendy)
  • Review: Rustic Melody by Nic Starr (Kris)

  • Throwback Thursday Audiobook Review: Fitting In, Volume One by Silvia Violet (Jay)
  • Review: The Law of Attraction by Jay Northcote (Wendy)
  • Guest Post: Love at Roades End by Kris T. Bethke
  • Review: Take the Long Way by Max MacGowan (Sue)
  • Review: Bulldozed by Catt Ford (Veronica)

  • Review: Powerless by S.A. McAuley (Jay)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Mute Witness by Rick R. Reed
  • Audiobook Review: Better Than Chance by Lane Hayes (Michelle)
  • Review: How the Cookie Crumbles by Jaime Samms (Michelle)
  • Review: Quentin Heart, Vampire Bounty Hunter by Amber Kell (Sammy)

And that should do it for this week!

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