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“No,” Jesse said firmly.

Marc laughed. “You’re blushing. You’re…you can’t dance.”

Jesse stood up. “No, and I don’t want to. Especially…that. Or any dance, in public.”

“We’re in Argentina. Buenos Aires. The night is, by local standards, still young.”

Marc could see that his powers of persuasion were hitting a wall. But that was the fun in it, wasn’t it, he thought. To see where the chink was in the wall. To show Jesse he could hack his defenses…

“I’m going to say it,” Jesse said, refilling his whiskey glass, “since we’re here, where nobody can hear me. I think it’s silly. It looks silly.”

“Yeah, you’d better not say that outdoors. This is tango we’re talking about, the national dance.”

Jesse gave Marc a look of appeal. “You know that nature documentary, Planet Earth?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Remember that bird, that had the big blue spot on its feathers, that spread them like a peacock and did that mating dance?”

Marc laughed. “Is that how you see tango?” He got up, crept behind Jesse, and put his arms around his waist, whispering in his ear.

“Do you know how the tango started?” he murmured softly. “In the late 1800s, legions of poor immigrant men came here from Europe. Since they’d left their wives and sweethearts behind while they got themselves established, well, they outnumbered the womenfolk by a considerable margin. So they’d smoke and drink in cafés and, with no other partners, they’d dance with each other…”

He nibbled on Jesse’s ear. “And don’t you think that such an intimate dance led some of those lonely young men to do…other things to console each other?”

Jesse chuckled. “I bet it did,” he growled, moving Marc’s hand down to his crotch, letting Marc feel his massive erection.

“Oh, no you don’t, mister,” Marc warned him. “You aren’t going to distract me with your… admittedly impressive alternative.”

He put his hand on Jesse’s shoulder and turned him around. “Listen. We’ll do it here. Nobody will see you.”

“And you’re going to lead?” Jesse said with a raised eyebrow.

Marc grinned. “Yeah. For once, I’m going to be the dominant partner. Unless you’re scared.”

“That’s it,” Jesse said decisively. “If you’re calling me chicken, you’re on.”

“Good. Put your shoes back on.”


Marc decided that an unusual musical selection would be a good idea. Something non-traditional, that would kick Jesse’s preconceived notions in the ass. He picked “Libertango,” a classic Astor Piazzolla song to which had been added a reggae beat, and the inimitable vocals of Miss Grace Jones.

They’d pulled the rug up off the wood floor, and stood across from each other, a few feet apart.

“Relax,” Marc said. “Erect posture, eyes on mine.” Marc lifted his eyebrows and tilted his head as if towards a dance floor. “That look is your formal invitation. You can nod and smile, or look away. If you look away, we’re done.”

Jesse’s nod, his smile, gave Marc little flutter. There was nothing feminine or demure in his acceptance. He was clearly ready for the challenge.

Marc moved in, his right hand moving with a slow elegance until it rested lightly on Jesse’s lower back, his left hand taking Jesse’s other hand at shoulder level. “Put your left hand on my shoulder. No, don’t grab me. Feel how I touch your back?”

Jesse’s nostrils flared. “Yes…”

“Like that. Just…guidance, not grip. And an inch between our torsos, no contact there. Okay. Follow my lead. As I step backward, you step forward with the mirroring leg, your left to my right, or vice versa. Good. As I step sideways, step with me. Nice. Now it’s a little tricky.”

For the third step, Marc stepped past Jesse on Jesse’s right, leading with his right foot. Jesse stepped back with him, instinctively, and again for the fourth step. The fifth step was a pause, then Marc led with his left foot this time, for the sixth step, and then to the side again for the seventh, and back where they started for the eighth.

“Wow, you’re a fast learner.”

“Didn’t you already know that by now?”

“I did. You said you didn’t know how to dance.”

Jesse shrugged. “I guess I was wrong.”

“Okay, let’s go through it again. And one…hey!”

In a flash, Jesse had taken control, his hands manipulating Marc’s as he assumed the man’s role in the dance. Without thinking, Marc fell into the woman’s role, letting Jesse lead. Jesse executed the steps perfectly, but Marc stumbled a bit.

“Sorry. That was…abrupt.”

Jesse’s grip became inappropriate. “Did you really think I’d let you take control?” he said with that soft silky tone Marc had come to associate with a long night ahead.

Marc swallowed. “No…not for long.”

Jesse swept him across the floor, again and again, pressing their bodies together. Marc felt dizzy, the blood dancing in his brain – well, the blood that hadn’t rushed to his groin.

Finally, Jesse dipped him, all the way to the floor, and froze them there. They looked at each other, their chests heaving, mouths parted.

“End of lesson,” Marc murmured, and Jesse’s lips met his, their oxygen-starved bodies hungry now for something more important than air.


Strength in Numbers by Brad VanceThey’re back! In their first adventure, Marc Julian, software billionaire, and Jesse Winchester, hacker extraordinaire, survived the evil plans of the Krom Brothers and Jesse’s first lover, Chip. But Jesse has old debts to pay to Russian gangster Leonid Ivanov. Now Leonid is calling in those debts, demanding that Jesse find a great treasure for him, and a new game is set in motion…

The mysterious “Satoshi,” creator of the cybercurrency Bitcoin, has been hiding $400 million worth of the currency for years. But now, he has chosen to start a quest for the keys to the Hoard, and he who controls the keys controls the fortune. And this will be a quest that will test the strength, the will, and the character of those who pursue it.

But Marc and Jesse aren’t the only ones on the hunt, as old enemies resurface to try and beat them to the treasure… And even if they reach it first, they must ask themselves – do they really want to give a Russian gangster $400 million to pursue his deadly enterprises? And what would be the consequences if they don’t?

The pursuit will take them through the museums of Tokyo, the streets of Buenos Aires, and the coast of Mexico, in a desperate and dangerous race to keep the fortune in digital gold from the hands of all their enemies…


Brad Vance writes gay romance, erotica and paranormal stories and novels, including the breakout hits “A Little Too Broken” and “Given the Circumstances.” Keep up with Brad at, email him at, and friend him on Facebook at

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