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Today I am so pleased to welcome River Mitchell to Joyfully Jay. River is sharing an exclusive excerpt from a new release, Succumbing to His Fear. Please join me in giving River a big welcome!


Bringing Fear home was automatic, I hadn’t thought about it. I just wanted to get him somewhere where he could feel safe, protected. Which was why I didn’t overthink it when I walked him through the living room and directly to my bedroom. I wasn’t nervous about what I was doing. Instead, there was a feeling of peace in the knowledge that it was exactly where I was meant to be. Walking us both into my bedroom, I closed the door. Why I did so in an otherwise empty house I couldn’t say. Okay, so maybe I was nervous, but the good kind of nerves. I knew it was right.

“I’m going to take your t-shirt off,” I told him. Fear made no comment, but raised his arms so I could lift the bottom of his shirt. As soon as my hands came into contact with his skin, I stopped breathing. All those clichés about lightning bolts and feeling electricity all hit me at the same time. Fear’s chest was huge and his body a work of art. I couldn’t stop myself from moving my hands all over his torso. Taking my time, I caressed every bump and ridge. The hair on his chest had clearly been maintained and only further defined his sculpted chest.

I felt his eyes on me throughout my exploration. He wasn’t rushing me or trying to make me go faster than I could handle. He was just letting me do whatever I wanted to. His clenched fists and heavy breathing were the only indicators of just how much effort letting me lead was costing him. He needed me to be in this with him and wasn’t about to run me off by taking to many chances.

I quickly got rid of my own t-shirt and rested my forehead against his chest, wrapping my arms around him with as much strength as I could muster.

“Fear, hold me back,” I whispered. I needed the connection. His arms immediately came around me and held on. “I don’t know what I am doing. But I want… I want…” Leaning back, I looked Fear in the eyes. “Tell me how to take care of you.” At my words, Fears eyes closed and he bowed his head for a second before pulling me back in. When he finally spoke, I felt each word.


succumbing to his fearWhen a life changing event not only has Alfie becoming the guardian to two little people it leads him to discover that everything he thought he knew about himself, was not only wrong but catastrophically wrong. All it took was a chance meeting and a drunken night to turn his world upside down. Fear wasn’t looking for anyone, content to stick with his routine hook ups and one night stands. Purposely keeping people at arms-length and never letting anyone close enough for them to matter all gets forgotten when he meets Alfie and his family. While struggling to maintain all the aspects of his life, the arrival of an unknown element determined to destroy him and his knew found chance at happiness throws everything into turmoil. Will they be able to survive the pain and destruction going on around them, or is the unknown force going to succeed. The only thing for certain is that Fear will not stop fighting for those he loves and that quickly has come to include Alfie and his family.


I have always been a lover of anything that allows my imagination to fly. Movies, music, art and of course books of all genres. The opportunity to slip away to another world and live out all sorts of fantasies was the perfect happy place I needed at times, my great escape.

It didn’t take long for my love of reading to transform into a desire to write a book of my very own. But being severely dyslexic I never thought that would be a possibility. Enter my guardian angel with her un-fleeting encouragement and I started out on a rollercoaster journey to make my dream come true.

When I am not writing I can often be found listening to rock music while delving into the life of a gorgeous Alpha male, drawing and painting or trying to teach my cats, Boo fishcakes and Edward Elton to play fetch. (Don’t ask they think they’re dogs and I am not going to squash their dream).

My biggest wish is that people could find their happy place in the words that I write, and hope that I can inspire others to know that if I can do it they can share their amazing worlds and imaginations too.

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