small favorite booksAs many of you have probably heard, Samhain Publishing is winding down operations and will be closing. It hasn’t been a great year for small publishers, and each one is a loss. But the Samhain situation is hitting me particularly hard. They are a publisher I have always adored. And more than that, a publisher who I could always rely on. When a book came out from Samhain, I could pretty much guarantee it would be a quality story with good editing and a well done cover. I still remember when the blog got big enough to make it on to their reviewer list. I was so thrilled and I gobbled so many books that they published.

Now just to clarify, Samhain is still open and will continue to publish books that are in their pipeline. But they are winding down operations and won’t be taking on anything new. So please keep checking out their books and don’t stop buying. I know the authors and the folks at the publisher really appreciate the sales.

So in the spirit of celebrating this publisher and all the joy their books have given me over the years, I have decided to share some of my absolute favorite Samhain books with you. Like I said, there is still time to purchase these. Just seeing them all is making me sad, but these are such wonderful stories I want you all to be able to enjoy them to. So here are some of my favorites. And click here to see all our reviews of Samhain books.

These are only the tip of the iceberg of all the wonderful Samhain books I have read. I encourage you to check these out and to look at all our reviews of their books.

And if you have any favorites I missed, please share them in the comments!

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