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Length: Novella

Rory Jones is surprised when his quiet and somewhat geeky neighbor corners him in the hall for an unusual favor. Nathan Wright is a cam worker, making online sex videos for the money to put himself through school. His highest paying client has asked Nathan to film himself giving a blow job, and Nathan asks Rory to be his partner. Rory is kind of shocked, but he is not one to refuse a blow job and the idea of performing on camera intrigues him.

The guys haven’t spent much time together before, but they get along quite well despite the fact that they are so different. Rory is working class guy who likes to socialize and go out at night, and Nathan is a shy, geeky student without great interpersonal skills. But the night goes well enough that the two continue to perform for the client and begin hanging out socially as well. The problem comes when both Nathan and Rory begin to imagine more between them, but neither man believes the other will want the same. The guys must be brave enough to admit their feelings and maybe then they have a chance at more together.

Einstein’s Peep Show is a short, sexy story with an entertaining set up and likable characters. I really enjoy the opposites attract theme, and paired with Nathan as a geeky, somewhat awkward hero, I found this a fun book and enjoyed the guys together. A lot of the book is focused on their sexual encounters, but beyond providing heat, they also help us to get to know the guys both individually and as a couple. We get more backstory on Nathan, but I felt like I understood both of them and they are nicely developed for the short format of this book.

The relationship development end of things felt a little shortchanged to me, however. The story moves a lot of their getting to know each other time off page, so we are told that they have been hanging out and seeing one another beyond their sexual encounters, but we don’t see much of it develop for ourselves. The story moves fairly quickly to the guys falling in love and getting serious, and I didn’t find there was enough of them together to really feel their relationship develop to the level where things end.

Overall I found this entertaining and a nice, easy read. I am a big fan of Myles’ writing so I was really excited to see a new story from her. If you are looking for something fun, sexy, and quick, I think this story is worth checking out, especially if you enjoy geeky heroes and opposites attract themes.

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