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Since the age of five, Jake has known he was clairvoyant. He now owns a store, the  Witching Well, and one of his many specialties is connecting people with loved ones that have crossed over. One night Eric comes into the store, but he’s not alone. A spirit is staying close to Eric and he is aggressive to be heard. Eric is not familiar at all with Jake’s world, gets spooked, and flees.

Eric is successful as a writer with his newest bestseller.  He is searching for answers after his prior relationship with Andrew, a closeted man, ended when Andrew died. When Eric enters the Witching Well, he finds Jake, and their attraction is immediate and nothing like he’s ever known before.

Jake has to figure out what the ghost wants and feels the professional thing would be to distance himself from Eric. But their attraction can’t be denied and in order for the men to have a future together, they have to find a way for Eric’s past to rest.

The first word in the published blurb for this book is “clairvoyant,” and I was sold at word one. Jake has a gift and his store allows people to craft their own brand of magic and he excels in personal readings. For as intriguing as this world is to me, the story itself is more basic in the realm of psychic ability and didn’t offer anything new or eye opening for me.

When Jake first meets Eric, he immediately has visions. Now Jake has been honing his skill most of his life as he was raised by his grandmother who is also psychic, and he has made a career out it. Yet he can’t understand the visions that he is now seeing. There is mention of him having a blind spot if the visions are connected to himself in any way, but, at least for me, they were fairly clear and straight forward.

There is little character building and we are only told the basics regarding each man. The book centers on the attraction between Jake and Eric, as well as Andrew’s ghost wanting to make amends to Eric, and this approach gave the feeling that there were three main characters. Jake and Eric have a fated mates story that worked in the sense they had great chemistry and there was a well crafted, gotta-have-you-now intensity. This, however, took over for them actually building a relationship outside of that.

Halfway through the book I was trying to figure out what the story here was actually going to be until I realized that this was it. Andrew, the spirit, is desperate to make amends to Eric and this takes us through the entire book. Jake’s grandmother also has a number of scenes in the book and, while her connection to Jake was important, I could have used less time with visits to grandma.

The writing was simplistic at times and offered descriptions in a list style that had the feeling of checking off details to give an adequate description. The story was too predictable for me and, although it was a quick read, I kept waiting for something more to happen.

While this book didn’t fully captivate me, if you are looking for a story with a basic psychic storyline, a soul mates feel, and a persistent spirit, this then may be one to try.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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