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Danny is living in London in the shower room of an abandoned pool. His only friend worked the streets and his body was found on a wasteland. Danny is alone and determined to track the predators that prey on the street kids. Danny is scarred inside and out, but he refuses to give up on himself or those around him. He fixes devices that he can trade and tries valiantly to offer a fix for others, even those who constantly try to beat down his spirit.

Micky is thin and fragile and the most beautiful creature Danny has ever seen. He immediately wants to protect Micky from the streets and the harsh elements of the frozen winter. Danny knows no one will ever want him the way he starts to want Micky, but since Micky has no intention of letting Danny go, Danny just has to let him in.

Suki Fleet has a unique style that promises intriguing characters with an emotional punch. Foxes continues to deliver that with Fleet’s signature delicate prose used to describe the harshest of conditions. Fleet encapsulates being homeless during the coldest days of winter and the effect of her tremendous talent brings us right alongside Danny.

Danny is a truly special character. Life has not treated him well as he continued to fall through the cracks of a system that finally had him on the streets. He still refuses to give up on himself or those around him and he considers himself fortunate that he has a place to sleep at the moment. Every day he tries to make a difference, although being out in society is so difficult for him, and most of the time he’s not even aware of the impact that he makes. He fixes electronics and tries to help other people in an effort to take what’s broken and make it live again.

Life begins to change in subtle ways at first for Danny when he meets Micky. Micky who is hiding in London without a visa. Micky who wants to disappear most days. Micky who can’t control anything in his life so he controls what he eats, or more precisely what he doesn’t. Micky and Danny form a friendship and a bond that goes so deep that innocent, sheltered Danny never knew anything in life could feel as good as when Micky simply smiles at him.

But life on the cold streets is devastating and although the conditions they exist in are horrendous, it can always get worse, and it does. The book is so expertly written that your head and your heart will feel heavy and dark, but then in the smallest of moments it’ll get just a little bit brighter, a little bit lighter.

The book is told soley from Danny’s POV and, here, that’s all that is needed. Danny sees everything and everyone, although he prefers that no one looks at him. He will tell you that he is not as wise in the ways of the world and that his mind works differently than others, but this is his story to tell. It is also a love story. A love story that is raw and honest as it shows Danny and Micky being drawn to each other, carrying each other, and offering each other perfect moments of solace while dealing with the demons that haunt them.

Their story is not always easy and it is not always fair as it highlights living conditions that are darker and bleaker, but in the same moment captures first love alongside awe-inspiring moments. If there ever was a couple that I would appreciate seeing a further glimpse into their future, these guys would most certainly be at the top of the list. Foxes is an extraordinary story of the will to survive and true love.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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