Love on LocationRating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Theo is on location filming a show that may just take his acting career to the next level. An unexpected meeting with Eddie, part time groundskeeper and part time set extra, has Theo thinking about more than his next line. Theo doesn’t want to be attracted to Eddie as his agent has him keeping his sexuality firmly hidden for the sake of his career. The attraction is strong, but their lives are worlds apart and a simple misunderstanding may have the men giving up before they ever get started.

The opening of this story was interesting with Theo trying to inhabit the part of an Englishman in an upscale manor for his next role. This story was originally part of an anthology and perhaps as part of a larger collection it would have had some greater appeal, but on its own merit the rest of the story didn’t work as well for me.

Theo is a closeted actor and his story line has been done before. There was nothing unique here for me and no real hook to keep me interested. Theo and Eddie are attracted to each and then have a misunderstanding. The conflict wasn’t strong enough to balance the entire plot on. Once that is cleared up, we then have a 29-year-old Theo sneaking around to spend time with Eddie and while it’s a sad state that he felt he had to do that, it just didn’t hold my attention.

There is a fairly lengthy sex scene here for a shorter story, but there had been no time to get attached to these guys. I was ambivalent about both characters, the scene was fairly routine, and when I am faced with words like “tumescence,” I tend to want to check out.

There is then a jump in time that skips over their bonding time as a couple and all of the issues that may have kept them apart to begin with simply become a non-issue. The story presented as a beginning and an end with no middle to support it. Writing a successful short is its own art form and there was nothing here to make me fall for these guys or to make them memorable.

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