Nuts About You by Kate LowellRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Okay, there is cute, and then there is funny, sexy, and downright adorable. Nuts About You by Kate Lowell fall firmly in the later category. First off, a squirrel shifter? Honestly? I mean when the little fella had to hold onto his tail to keep from getting, er, uhm, too…excited, I simply fell in love right then and there.

Nathan works at the local Bulk Mart where every week he watches the man of his fantasies purchase enough nuts to fill numerous birdfeeders. Vince is polite, but seemingly unattracted to Nathan until a set of circumstances land him right in Nathan’s lap. From then on, it’s going to take quite a bit of explaining on Nathan’s part to help Vince understand how one minute he was holding an injured squirrel and the next there is a very naked Nathan on Vince’s kitchen floor.

Sweet, but decidedly too short, Nuts About You, really hammers home the idea that opposites truly do attract and that peanut butter is a natural aphrodisiac. Seriously though, this was a winsome tale about two men who finally get up the nerve to admit they are smitten with one another and discover they really never had anything to worry about. With clever dialogue and snappy humor, a fair dash of sexy thrown in as well, author Kate Lowell gives us a satisfying snippet that will keep us coming back for more.

Nuts About You is a delightful little romance! I highly recommend it to you!

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