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To say Jagger Jameson had a rough childhood would be an understatement. At the age of nine however, he discovered basketball and knew that would be his way out. His way out finally came in the form of a basketball scholarship with the University of Kentucky Wildcats and Jagger has kept his head down, his grades high, and his game on point. Jagger never really considered himself a loner and his lack of friends and social involvement is just his way of dealing with the past and not letting any one in. He’s just about to graduate and the basketball championship is on the line when a face from the past invades his present.

Colton is the rich guy that Jagger knew briefly back at home. Jagger knew their lives were worlds apart and kept his distance from Colton, but Colton wanted Jagger to see him. All of his family’s money and influence couldn’t get Colton the one thing he truly wanted and that was Jagger. Jagger will never forget the last words Colton ever said to him, the words that made his blood race and his body respond, and Jagger is convinced that all Colton could ever be is just a memory from the past. When the guys go head to head on the basketball court, Colton may just have found a way to finally reel in his wayward wildcat.

Jagger is a survivor. He survived his mother leaving and his father beating him and now his college graduation is within reach. He maintained a 4.0 and has secured the job that will ensure he never has to rely on any one ever again. Jagger is pretty messed up from his childhood and it’s easy to feel for him as he just stays to himself because he feels unworthy…all of the time. This concept goes around and around throughout the entire book, but no one ever showed Jagger that he was worthy and it would have been unrealistic for him to have been able to get over it quickly as he’s convinced himself he has to be alone in life forever. He’s been with a few girls, but Colton’s the only guy that has ever turned his head.

Now this book can be taken two ways. The way I am taking it is as a mostly entertaining, erotic, completely over the top kind of read. The enjoyment for this book all hinges on Colton’s actions and his character could potentially make or break the entire book for you. You have to be able to somewhat go with Colton and be on board with his persona, and if you can’t, this book could potentially sink quickly for you.

So what’s up with Colton? Well, Colton fell in love with Jagger when he was a young teen but Jagger would never speak to him. Colton followed Jagger home and moderately stalked him from a distance until Colton’s family moved away, but not before he left Jagger with a few risqué words that have made a long lasting impression on Jagger. Now Colton has basically won a date with Jagger for twenty-four hours and Colton doesn’t like to play by the rules. Colton is predatory and there are no two ways about it. He is all up in Jagger’s personal space every moment and when Jagger tells him to back off, or take his hands off, Colton doesn’t listen…ever. Colton pushes and pushes and sort of wears Jagger down, but, and this may be important, we get Jagger’s POV as well so this does help to temper Colton’s actions. But, again, this may be important; Colton doesn’t know what Jagger is thinking. All intimate scenes are consensual but Colton gives Jagger the full court press the entire time and his behavior may not be tolerable for some readers. But, as the story develops, there are also some deeper levels to Colton as well that slowly play out.

The book overall could have used a polishing and some tightening in both plot and editing and some issues were so glaring it was impossible to overlook. There was also a back story of self harm that was tossed around more casually and every time the guys did something that embarrassed them or thought weakened their character they referred to it as acting like a girl, which didn’t win me over. There were also a scene where the incorrect character name was used and there was an abundance of typos that a basic proofreading should have eliminated.

There were many secondary characters that added to this story and there were many more storylines developing that I would definitely be interested in hearing. The dialogue is completely over the top and Colton has absolutely no boundaries, yet I remained intrigued. It helps to stay rooted in the world of fiction here, but, if you are looking for a rough around the edges story of two troubled guys who have waited a long time for each other and have intense chemistry while getting down and dirty, check this one out.

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