Quentin Heart, Vampire Bounty Hunter by Amber KellRating: 4 stars
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Amber Kell has often been one of the authors I turn to when I want a fun and sweet read—something that flows easily on the page and gives me a boost when I am feeling the need for a simple love story. Her latest offering, Quentin Heart, Vampire Bounty Hunter, is no exception.

Quentin is a wizarding nerd, most interested in his books and spells. If Quentin is not in his lab pursuing his Ph.D., then he is by the bedside of his loving mother who is dying of cancer—incurable cancer. Having gone into great debt pursuing spells and healings that have done little more than slow the disease, Quentin is now facing the grim reality that he must pursue some form of work that will pay off big and fast. Naturally, when he sees the want ad posted for bounty hunters, he immediately inquires about the job only to find out that he will be pursuing vampires that regular law enforcement have either failed to catch or refuse to catch due to the vamps’ immense power. But Quentin is a clever and very strong wizard and so he immediately sets forth to bring down the vampire who is head of his clan—and succeeds! However, the second in command, Jaks, decides Quentin is his one and only and before Quentin knows it, he is bound to a man, er, vampire he barely knows.

Once again Kell serves up several humorous characters and places them in near untenable circumstances and manages once again to make them witty, interesting, and sexy. Poor Quentin is trapped hook, line, and sinker, but thankfully has landed not only a genuinely caring vampire, but a loyal one as well. This is a good thing particularly when the Queen of the Fae is hunting you, some mysterious vamp turns your only human friend into one of its kind, and the guy you managed to put behind bars on your one and only bounty hunting assignment somehow escapes police custody. Oh, and did I mention that Quentin’s long lost father has been trapped inside some hideous thing called a bone wolf?

Yes, there were a few glitches here and there in this story—for instance who turned Glenn and why was the Queen of the Fae so angry? And, yes, Jaks and Quentin surely did qualify for the “insta-love” label, but truly they were so darn cute together even that could be forgiven. All in all, Quentin Heart, Vampire Bounty Hunter was a delightful paranormal romance that made me smile and sweetly sigh—a satisfying light read from the queen of simple, yet lovely paranormal stories that are sure to delight.

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