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Who doesn’t love a man in a suit? The Law of Attraction doesn’t have just one, but two…double your pleasure, double the fun!

Alec and Ed are both lawyers. Alec is working his way up to making partner, while Ed is starting his first day as a temp on Monday. When they meet each other at the bar on Friday night, they both know it is just for a one-night hook-up…until it isn’t.

When Ed shows up at Alec’s office on Monday morning, Alec is shocked. He is a career-driven man who’s managed to keep his professional life completely separate from his personal life. Seeing the one-night stand that tempted him to break his own rule about asking for a second night walk in the door is a distraction he doesn’t need, especially when he is so close to making partner. The only answer is to keep Ed busy by piling work upon him, so that he doesn’t have the opportunity to accidentally say something that will out Alec at work.

Ed is desperate to prove himself. Though he isn’t particularly interested in this field of law, he hopes that by doing a good job that the company will reward him by hiring him when a position becomes available in employment law. Though he is surprised to find Alec is his boss, he isn’t going to out him to his co-workers, and he swears he isn’t going to allow his attraction to Alec ruin his opportunity to secure a job with the company.

What neither was planning was that their attraction for one another being so strong. When Alec’s boss insists he takes Ed with him to close the deal, the two spend a glorious few days in Scotland where there is no need to hide their feelings for one another. Yet, when it is time to return to reality, what they shared in Scotland will be just a memory as Alec isn’t willing to face his fears and come out of the closet. When Ed is able to walk away, Alec finds himself looking for the courage to chase after him.

I always love a good Jay Northcote novel, and I have to say, this one did not disappoint! In fact, this one went straight into my “absolutely loved” collection where I can read it over and over again!

Alec and Ed may both wear suits, but what is underneath it all – deep inside – is very different. Alec grew up in luxury, attended the best schools, had all the right connections, yet the connections that mean the most were solely lacking. In Alec’s family, appearances were more important than actual affection. Ed, on the other hand, grew up in a home where money was scarce, but they always had each other.

Alec initially comes across as a person some people aren’t going to like very much. It’s his way or no way. He calls the shots. Yet, as readers begin to learn about Alec’s life, they begin to see that he is still just the scared little boy that has been living in the closet since he was a teenager and received a beating he can’t ever forget after being caught in the act with another boy. With the physical and emotional scars to remind him of that day, Alec has worked hard to play the part of being on the straight and narrow – complete with having his own beard he uses to convince his family and bosses. When his physical needs become too hard to deny, Alec allows himself the luxury of picking up guys for one night stands. Until Ed. Ed makes Alec want more than one night. Thankfully, Ed walked out the door on Saturday morning…except then he walked in another door on Monday morning!

Ed is the exact opposite of Alec. Growing up in a close knit family, coming out for Ed was just another milestone in his life. He’s never had to hide who he was. When Ed meets Alec, he knows that it is for one night only. Though Ed hasn’t much experience with being a one-night stand, he finds himself unable to say no. After a glorious night with Alec, Ed finds himself smarting after the cold shoulder he receives the next morning. Leaving Alec’s apartment, Ed swears never again. What he wasn’t expecting was to walk in for his first day of work and find out that his one-night stand is none other than his boss.

As the two dance around each other and try to deny their feelings for one another, they find that being in such close proximity to each other leads them into temptation. When the two are in Scotland, Alec and Ed spend a glorious two days where neither of them have to hide their feelings for one another…until it’s time to return and Alec asks Ed to continue their relationship in secret. Ed is out and proud, however. He isn’t going to get back in the closet for anyone, even Alec, though he is sorely tempted. With the support of his friends, family, and co-workers, Ed doesn’t feel the need to hide who he really is. Though he can sympathize with Alec about why he feels he needs to stay firmly in the closet, he is not willing to get back in there with him.

The sexy times between these two run from straight out erotic to mind blowing romantic. Who knew that guys sharing a twin-sized bed with Harry Potter sheets could be probably one of the most romantic scenes I’ve ever read?

The secondary characters include various co-workers, friends, and family members who round out the story without stealing the show. I particularly enjoyed seeing Alec’s family to understand why he was dead set on staying in the closet and how different Ed’s family was in comparison. I also enjoyed that the author managed to somewhat redeem Alec’s family towards the end.

Overall, this book was a joy to read. It had just the right amount of angst and sexy scenes, and was off the charts in the romance department. I highly recommend!

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