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Length: Short Story

Quinn Reed knows, down to the second, the moment he fell in love with his friend Cooper Bradshaw. A look and a flick of Cooper’s tongue was all it took. But their timing has always been off. Cooper has always had a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and on the rare times he was single, Quinn was dating someone. But the time has finally come that they are both single. And with a Spring Break trip, Quinn thinks it’s the perfect time for them to finally take the step from friends to lovers. But he never expected Coop to make the first move.

friends and enemiesVaughn embraces the art of a short story with this adorable and well done tale of friends finally acting on their desires and becoming lovers. It’s told from Quinn’s POV, and we can see from the very beginning how he’s been longing for Cooper. He understands his friend completely, and he wants him wholly. But he also respects what they have, their friendship, and would never poach. So he’s been watching from the sidelines, hurting a little, but never ready to make a move.

What the author does incredibly well is show us just how deep Quinn’s feelings go. We get the background of how these guys have gotten to where they are now, and then we see them as they embark on their vacation, tame though it is. Quinn has convinced his friends to stop at a pier and amusement park, and when Quinn and Cooper are on their own, Cooper is the one that makes the first move. And the second and third as well. Vaughn slowly ramps up the sexual tension between them, always having that perfectly timed interruption, until finally they take that last step. And then these guys just work so well together, and it’s easy to see how they fit. And how they can continue to build on that and makes something that lasts. This story is friends to lovers at its finest, all the tension and build up, the payoff, and the believability that it can continue on forever.

It is a short story, and it’s done really well. It’s not always easy to convey a complete tale in such a short space, but Vaughn manages it beautifully. Now I will say I wanted to see just a little bit more from Cooper, for him to share more of himself and his reasoning. But this wasn’t a huge detractor and I was able to enjoy the story as is.

It’s a really well done story, a quick, happy, fulfilling read and one I can definitely recommend if you’re looking for a short but well done friends to lovers story to make your heart content.

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