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Rafael and Daniel are together and testing the waters of their D/s relationship. They came through the other side of their legal problems, but new trouble is brewing as a photo of Rafael in a public scene is being used for blackmail. Rafael wants to scene in public with Daniel, and although Daniel signed off on it in their contract, the very thought of actually going through with it makes him feel sick. Without the lines of communication open, their relationship starts to falter and crack.

Jesse has taken up temporary residence in George’s house after leaving his wife and George has feelings for Jesse that he hasn’t felt in years. But letting Jesse know could destroy the very real friendship they have built, although Jesse may just be open to a relationship with a man. George also has to worry about the photos that were taken in his club and try to curb the rising panic that ensues with the members as the blackmail escalates.

Rafael and Daniel have to rebuild the trust and communicate with each other, while George has a lot to deal with between the care of his slaves, the issues at the club, and building a relationship with Jesse. Between all of the men that George has encountered throughout his life, he may have just met his match in Jesse.

Breach of Contract is the second book in the Bound series and the books should be read in order for the best experience and complete continuity.

When the book opens, Daniel and Rafael are in a contracted D/s relationship and Jesse remains living as a guest in George’s home after leaving his wife. Jesse has been seeing his former girlfriend and realizes that it was a complete mistake to start up any kind of relationship with her. He has to come to terms with wanting to act on his feelings with a man for the first time and coming to terms with that man being George.

George is known by the name King in his club and that’s how all the members see him. He has slaves that live with him under contract and he scenes with them, but he does not have direct sexual encounters with them. It’s a jaw dropping day indeed when he shows off Jesse at the club as his contracted submissive and partner.

There are two main storylines going on here with Daniel and Rafael, and Jesse and George, but they also continue to overlap as well. There is also a more secondary storyline with George’s slave, Elliott, and then Jesse’s brother, Zac, is introduced. Gray makes it not only easy to keep up with the various storylines, but makes all of them interesting and alluring to keep returning to throughout the book.

Daniel and Rafael got into a relationship quickly and they are not surprisingly having growing pains. Jesse has always thought about being with a man and never acted on it. But being with George also brings the commitment of entering George’s world and being a submissive. There are some aspects of being a submissive that Jesse is looking forward to, but he really wants to be in a partnership with George and doesn’t want to be treated as another sub or slave. While he is making a lot of concessions to be with George, he also takes a stand for himself which offers a great dynamic. Both Daniel and Jesse are fine with their Doms scening with other subs and the turn on for them adds another level to both of their relationships and it all makes for great chemistry and enticing reading. If all of that sounds like a whole lot of drama you would be correct. As the book progresses it turns into an adult nighttime BDSM drama in the best of ways with storylines twisting until the very end.

The writing itself is stronger in this book as well when compared to the first book in the series. While some of the descriptors I had an issue with in the previous book are still present, it is substantially less and makes for a more pleasant reading experience. There were a few issues I did have with the flow of the narrative in places that were disruptive to a smoother reading experience. The transitions from one scene to the next as well as some of the dialogue was choppy at times and the editing in general wasn’t overly tight and these areas contributed to being pulled in and out of the story.

While some aspects of the storylines are more familiar and you can see them coming, the overall style of the story is unique, refreshing, addictive, and there is not much else like it out there. Gray handles multiple story lines and multiple characters and only doles out some of their back story in small increments. There is still a lot to discover here and the rest of the series is already available and waiting.

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