convincing the secretaryRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Lord Grayson Holloway finds his new secretary incredibly attractive. But Edward seems not only to be scared of Gray, but also more interested in Gray’s law partner. Gray is not giving up on the man, however, and figures maybe spending a little more time together will help.

Edward Fenton hates being a legal secretary, but he does have the hots for his boss. Watching Gray gives Edward all kinds of dirty thoughts, but he knows better than to let his inclinations toward men be known, and especially not all the kinky things of his fantasies. But when Gray makes it clear that he is not only interested in men, but also in Edward, the two men begin spending time together and share a hot night that lets Edward live out everything he had imagined.

The guys are perfect for one another, but neither thinks the other is interested in more than sex. Edward can’t imagine what the powerful lord would see in him long-term, and Gray has his own insecurities that make him doubt Edward’s interest. Now both men must be brave enough to share how they feel, and they just might have a future together.

Oh, I love Ava March’s historicals and this one is sexy and juicy and really fun. Convincing the Secretary is the latest in her London Legal series, following the rerelease of Convincing Arthur and Convincing Leopold. I originally reviewed those back in 2011 when they were first published by Loose Id, but they have now been rereleased as part of this series by Samhain Publishing. You could easily jump into this book without reading them as the only connection with the other two stories is that Arthur is Gray’s law partner, but they are excellent and if you enjoy sexy historicals, they are definitely worth reading.

I love the set up here with the big, kind of gruff Gray and his somewhat anxious, virgin secretary. Gray recognizes Edward’s interest in men, but it takes a bit for him to realize Edward is also interested in him. And Gray is particularly delighted that Edward’s kinks toward taking orders and a little humiliation exactly match up with his own. The guys are super hot together and this story is definitely steamy.

Aside from the sexy times, the book also deals with some personal issues each man has. I liked the way each man gains confidence through his relationship with the other. In particular, Edward finds the strength to pursue what he really wants out of life, and things tie together nicely at the end of the story.

This is a fairly quick read for a novel and I found it entertaining and fast paced. If you enjoy sexy historicals with a nice bit of kink, I would definitely give Convincing the Secretary a try.

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