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Josh and Alex have been best friends since middle school. They are just graduating college after having been roommates and it’s time for the year-long road trip they have been planning for years. The tricked out VW van is ready to go and the guys can barely sleep the night before they are set to head out.

Josh and Alex are both straight identified and have both always dated women. Josh doesn’t understand at all the new feelings he is starting to have for Alex and is convinced that it’s all due to the close quarters they are sharing. Josh tries to shake it all off anyway because Alex is his best friend and neither of them are gay.

friends and enemiesWhen a chance encounter has Josh reevaluating everything, he realizes that he does indeed want Alex in all the ways. There are miles of road ahead and many miles for the guys to figure out that maybe all they have ever wanted or needed has always been right in front of them.

This is my favorite kind of story with childhood friends becoming lovers. This book also has a bit of different flavor to it as neither character has ever entertained the idea of being with a man. For the most part, this story is easy and if you like a love story with little angst and two guys just figuring it out, getting it together, and falling in love, this is a great choice for that.

The story is told solely from Josh’s POV and he’s more on the quiet and sensitive side. He’s not a big planner, but Alex has their trip fully scheduled while keeping track of expenses. Josh is completely thrown by his feelings for Alex, but although he’s never been with or had thoughts about men, he’s fairly okay with this new development. There is more of an in the moment feel to the book as the story line concerns their present relationship and what’s happening right then. Although the guys are on the road and have a few adventures along the way, the story is primarily about their growing relationship. Alex is a bit more of a mystery throughout the book as we don’t get any insight into his thoughts and it is shown there is something going on with him as he needs to take breaks from Josh on occasion and takes mysterious phone calls.

Once their feelings do come to light it is a slow, natural slide toward each other with a few well-placed prompts. It’s exactly as if they were always supposed to just be together. The angst is primarily external and designed to bring them closer together, but two particular episodes were too similar in nature for me.

The largest source of tension did come toward the end of the book and it was a familiar path taken for a road trip story. There is an epilogue that offers great closure, but in the end I was looking for just a little more. I could have used a little more from Alex and, while it was great that they adjusted to being together in increments fairly easily, I could have used a little more internal debate about the ways their lives and their relationship was changing.

This was a good solid read of a new relationship with two best friends that just fit together and would be recommended for a lower angst story of finding love.

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