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Dr. Micah Steinberg is focused on his carreer. He will do whatever it takes to become head of the surgery department. But just as he is full steam ahead, he gets a letter from his grandmother’s friend. Both women live in an assisted living facility and the letter chastises Micah for being a bad grandson. Micah heads over there to give the woman, and her grandson, a piece of his mind.

Josh Rosen had a promising career as an up and coming lawyer, but when his boyfriend, who was also his business partner, cheated on him, Josh left Boston and headed back to New York City to be close to his grandmother. He visits every day, and also spends time with his grandmother’s best friend. When the jerk of a doctor comes storming in, Josh can’t help but stand up to the asshole. And when Micah goes too far, Josh punches him.

friends and enemiesBut neither man can forget the other, and when Micah’s grandmother takes a bad spill, Josh is there to help Micah deal. They’ve already had one night together, and their connection just keeps getting stronger. Josh didn’t want to get involved with anyone new, and Micah never wanted to get involved with anyone at all. But trying to make amends and be there for his grandmother has Micah changing. And Josh is there every step of the way. But things aren’t easy. Miscommunication, misunderstanding, and insecurities keep getting in the way. Micah keeps jumping to conclusions and running, and Josh can only take so much. Both men need to lay it all out on the line and be honest with each other, or what they are building is going to crumble.

This is one of those books that has me scratching my head, and a little bit at a loss as to how to write this review. On the surface, it’s a nice story, with some very nice moments. But as I read it, I found myself shaking my head and a little bit in disbelief. Where I had the issue, I think, is that this story reads like one trope and cliché after another. While I found there were parts that made me smile, they were few and far between.

Let’s start with the theme week part. I would classify this story as enemies to lovers, but it doesn’t completely work here. The enemy part just doesn’t last long enough. When these two guys meet, Micah is a pretentious jerk and Josh puts him in his place. There is one punch. And then, rather quickly, they are connecting and opening up to one another and we see what is below Micah’s surface. So technically this fits the theme as enemies to lovers, but if you’re looking for a true representation of the trope, this might not be the best book for it.

I liked both Micah and Josh, but I felt they were both underdeveloped. And that seemed to be the major problem with the entire story.  The MCs sometimes read like caricatures, though it was interspersed with some real depth. Josh was a sweetheart, with a lot of patience, and this really showed through. Out of the two of them, I liked him better. He felt more real, and I liked that his determination and backbone showed through. There were times when his patience ran out, but he never let things go on too long. Micah was a bit harder to like, as he came off as pretentious and like a jerk at times. There were reasons, supposedly, but it didn’t ring true and so I had a harder time liking him.

But I just didn’t get to know them well enough. Each of their thoughts and emotions weren’t given enough page time. And it was the same with the plot points. Just as each thing landed on the page, it was quickly resolved and we were moving on to the next thing. So with the characters not giving us enough, and the plot moving too quickly, I found things moving at a breakneck speed. Considering the length of the book, there was too much going on. One thought, one trope, one cliché after another, all piled on, and nothing was given enough time to develop and flesh out.

This book had its moments, but it overall missed the mark for me. The parts that worked really worked well. But those were few and far between. This one I would only tentatively recommend to those readers that really like to see all the over the top tropes and clichés on the page.

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