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Length: Novella

Nathan is in Prague on his last night of a three-week trip around Europe with his friends, Lucy and Ben. They are joking and reminiscing in a traditional Czech restaurant when Cameron walks in. Cameron immediately captures Nathan’s attention; he is sexy, American, and on his own. The two men spend the evening appraising art with their individual wit, before parting with a kiss, each returning to their own continent in the morning.

Both Nathan and Cameron have their secrets, but to make their long-distance relationship work they have to be prepared to open up and be honest about their pasts and the future they both want.

Cameron is rich, spoiled, and confident and though he is not the most likeable character initially, Kevin Klehr develops his character so that we understand his need for control.

Nathan appears easy-going but stubborn, although it isn’t until very late into the story that Klehr allows us to totally empathize with him. This plot element is delivered as part of a conversation between Nate and Lucy, but to me it felt like a punch to the stomach. Up to this point, I had enjoyed Nate and the New Yorker, but it was Klehr’s simple, but clever, way of shifting the emotional momentum of the story which totally won me over.

Nate and the New Yorker is a novella so the events do happen quickly, although I never felt that the plot was rushed because it reflects the decisive natures of the two protagonists. There are wonderfully funny side characters, including Aunt Bev and Rowena who only add to the charm of the story.

Nate and the New Yorker is a story of lost love and new love that made me laugh, hope, and shed a tear and I give it a full five-star recommendation!

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