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Ollie and Samuel are in love. They’ve got a beautiful home, great friends, good jobs, and a fast approaching wedding date. Life couldn’t be better. Then, in one horrible instant, it’s all taken away. Samuel is gone, and Ollie must learn to live without his one great love, and he completely shuts down. He spends weeks in bed mourning his loss, and his friends and family are worried about him.

After Ollie emerges from his self imposed exile, he gradually begins to return to his life. It’s so difficult for him without Samuel, but his friends and family are very supportive. He tries dating, but that is unsuccessful. Ollie discovers that Samuel’s parents, people he loved and thought loved him, are not who they seemed to be, and that devastates him.

One of his main supporters is one of his best friends, Thomas. He’s there for Ollie at every turn. Thomas spends time with Ollie, holds him up when he breaks down, and well, loves him deeply from afar. Through an upsetting set of circumstances, Thomas will be moving into the house with Ollie. By this time, Ollie is feeling a strong pull toward Thomas, and they are slowly finding their way to each other. However, in a huge twist of fate, Thomas finds out about a major life change. It’s now Ollie’s turn to be supportive, but there are a lot of issues the men must face.

This book…oh, this book. I went through so many emotions.  There was deep sadness, sympathy, angst, hope, and finally, a happiness that made my heart soar.  I wasn’t sure I was going to be into this story at first. I thought it was moving too slow for my tastes, but I was wrong. It needed to move slowly because it was important to feel everything Ollie was feeling. Some of it was uncomfortable. The depression and anxiety were written with great detail. As a sufferer of that myself, I was able to connect with Ollie on a level I don’t often feel with characters in a book.

Thomas was wonderful. I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled with him at the beginning. I don’t care for “manwhore” characters. It’s an overused trope, in my opinion. It was certainly obvious from the blurb that he’d be changing his ways, but even when his motives for his behavior are explained, it didn’t make me too much happier because, at times, it’s hard to believe that someone who has moved from bed to bed to bed will finally settle down and give his true love his full attention. Thomas grew on me, though. He was so supportive of Ollie he broke the walls I put up over him. His complete and total devotion to both Ollie warmed my heart, and I fell head over heels in love with him.

The background characters are great, although I have to say I wanted to throttle Cleo quite a bit. She loves Ollie, and she wants him to be happy, but I found her to be too nosy and very pushy. Also, she did something that I consider to be unforgivable (and Thomas as well, but I don’t want to give too much away). If she was my friend, I’d be inclined to tell her to shut the hell up on more than one occasion. After Cleo, the other characters enhance the story rather than just being in the way.

I should at least mention the heat between Ollie and Thomas. The sexual tension was palpable whenever they spent time together. When they finally consummate their desire, it was amazing! They were hot, but sweet. My Kindle and panties melted at the same time, and my heart pounded. Needless to say, I was just as satisfied as Ollie and Thomas 😉

I loved this book and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who asks. Definitely pick it up.

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