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As the Presidential race heats up, young speechwriter Tom McAlindon meets Nathan Harris, the deputy campaign manager for the opposing candidate, at the Iowa Caucus. The two maintain a strictly professional relationship until they run into one another in Atlanta where the two share a kiss that sets them on a course that threatens both their political careers as they become lovers. As the two men try to keep their relationship private by using burner phones and getaway weekends far from the public eye, they learn that nothing is secret in the nation’s high stakes political game. Can Tom and Nathan’s newly found love survive the campaign season, or is it destined for failure?

This is one of those stories that I dread to review. When I grabbed this book, I loved the idea of forbidden love on the campaign trail. As a follower of politics, I thought this book would be right up my alley – combining romance and politics. Unfortunately, I felt like a fish out of water being dropped right into the action at the Iowa caucuses where there are an abundance of candidates and campaign staffers to sort through right off the bat. Without a playlist, I found myself somewhat lost right from the start trying to figure out who was with who and why it was important.

The author did a tremendous job researching the inner workings of the campaign staff for a presidential candidate. Unfortunately, for me, departing all of this information on to readers made this story seem as if politics took center stage and romance was a backdrop in this story, whereas I would have preferred it to be more romance with politics taking a back seat.

As for the romance, while I loved the idea of this whole forbidden love on the campaign trail, the execution of this seemed to be lacking. For me, it seemed that these two men would have had some knowledge of how dangerous their romance would be, not only for their political careers, but also for the candidates that they worked for. It wasn’t as if this was the first campaign for either of them.

I was also disappointed with the sexual chemistry between these two men and how that related to the bedroom. These two are oozing chemistry, yet I was often left unsatisfied as the sex scenes fade to black or are just awkward and short.

Overall, if you love politics, you may find this story is for you. As for me, I believe I’ve reached my limit for politics this election season.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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