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I am not sure how long it has been since I have read such a sweet romance. Tara Lain’s latest novel, Taylor Maid, is one of the stories offered in the new Dreamspinner Desires line. While there may have been a few plot glitches here and there, one cannot deny that the combination of Ally and Taylor was romance gold and Tara Lain certainly knows how to deliver.

Taylor is on a deadline—one he really wasn’t aware of until the very last minute. It seems the $50 million inheritance he was to receive from his deceased grandfather comes with one caveat: he must be married in a love match to a woman. If only Taylor were not openly gay, this would not have been such a problem. Now he is in a race to both find a wife and to make it look like he is in love with her so that his greedy father cannot steal the money—funds that were meant to build several homes for LGBT kids.

When the escort he hoped to marry fails to show, Taylor is forced to scrap his plan—until he hears the voice of an angel and the lithe, gorgeous maid agrees to become his wife. Little does Taylor know that Ally hides more than one secret and they all threaten to unravel the plans they both have.

The undeniable chemistry between Ally and Taylor made this novel shine. Their moments together were sweet and tender hearted and you must be ready for some sugar when it comes to reading these types of stories for they are unapologetically romantic and sappy. This novel was a lark—not meant to be an earth shattering mystery or even an in depth character study, rather it was written for sheer entertainment and, in that vein, it succeeded.

Ally played the gorgeous siren to perfection. The moments early on in the novel when Taylor grappled with the fact that he might be attracted to a woman were a bit over the top and yet well within the context of a romantic comedy such as this. Yes, this was insta-love and yes it was corny, but who cannot deny that a well-written goofy love story is just the ticket sometimes? And who better author than Tara Lain who is known for her excellent writing and story telling to be the one who delivers such a novel?

I felt that Taylor Maid delivered exactly what it promised—a light romantic read with a simple plot that gave exactly what the doctor ordered—some sweet romance and a chance to escape into a lovely fantasy.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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