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The Fire Went Wild, the sequel to Home is a Fire, picks up pretty much where the first story left off. Derek and Luke are together and happy. They’ve relaxed in their relationship, and Luke is even ready to come out to his family and the rest of the world.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. When the decision is made (by Luke, mostly) to go public at school, things become a bit rough. The kids don’t seen to mind, but some parents and public officials fly off the handle and want them suspended or fired. Surprisingly, the campaign is led by Luke’s own sister. She’s embarrassed by him and is afraid her social standing will be effected. Her BFF is also in on the protest, and she’s actually got a son who is a student. Frankly, he’s a jerkface, but that’s a another story. Turns out, Amber, the BFF, is Luke’s high school girlfriend, and she thought they’d get married and live happily ever after. We can see how that turned out.

The Fire Went Wild is the story of two people in love who have to battle old south family values, politicians who want to use them as their campaign platforms, and a couple of exes who are determined to get their old loves back at any cost. I enjoyed the first book, but this one was quite a bit better. Jordan Nasser stepped up his game. He was able to write a seamless sequel, include real life issues about love and sexuality, and still give the reader insight into a fun and quirky small town.

As I mentioned in my review for Home is a Fire, I loved Derek and Luke, but the background characters really made the story worth reading. Derek’s mom and Uncle Barry (and I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome Uncle Barry is) are adorable. Their friends are supportive and funny. The antagonists are sufficiently evil without being overwhelming, and the students at the high school seem real, rather than stereotypical, as some books make them out to be.

Derek and Luke are perfect for each other. Their road to happiness isn’t easy, but they’re determined to get the happy ending they deserve. They have a heated chemistry, but like the first book, there are no sex scenes. It’s all implied. Personally, I enjoy a graphic sex scene or two (or twelve), but I think, in this case, detailed sex isn’t necessary. This is a sweet and romantic book. Dirty talk and hard core pounding would be out of place here.

Home is a Fire and The Fire Went Wild are Jordan Nasser’s only books. I sincerely hope he’ll be writing more because I think he’s got a lot more to offer. I have no problem recommending these stories.

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