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Bryce Weyland owns a bar, Gothic Coin, where old pinball games and superheroes help complete the theme. As a result, he’s headed to the local Comic Con to try to drum up business, and part of that is dressing up as comic book characters to attempt to draw in a crowd. Bryce is lucky that he’s got close friends, and they are all willing to dress up as well. But he doesn’t have a Superman, and he has to rely on his friends to get him one. What Bryce never expected was to see Clark Kenmore dressed as Superman to Bryce’s Batman.

friends and enemiesFive years ago, things went south for best friends Bryce and Clark. They’d been closer than close, and during their senior year, things went far enough for a kiss. But Clark had the opportunity of lifetime he couldn’t pass up, so the kiss went nowhere and the two friends grew apart. With Clark back in town during the con and helping Bryce out, Bryce tries to keep his distance. But it’s impossible where Clark is concerned. Though both are wary, they fall back into some of their old habits, and then things go farther. But in the light of day, Bryce seems to rethink his decision and tries to pull away. Fortunately for the pair, Clark knows Bryce better than anyone, and he can see through the insecurities to the real reasons underneath. Clark needs to get through to Bryce before they both lose everything.

Reunion romance. Friends to lovers. Brainy comic geeks. This story was made just for me, and the moment I saw it when looking for friends to lovers books, I grabbed it up. And I was not disappointed. This short novella has all the makings of a great story. If you’re a bit of a geek, you’ll get the references and enjoy the little inside jokes, like the MCs names. If not, don’t worry. It won’t detract from the story in any way. But what you will get is two friends reconnecting, and then taking that step farther and falling in love. Or really, admitting that they are in love.

What I really enjoyed here was the depth to the characters that Albert showed in such a short number of words. Honestly, this only took me about an hour to read. But it was the perfect length. We got to know Bryce and Clark right away, bits of their personality and back story coming out as the beginning of the story unfolded. It was clear from the start that Bryce was hurting pretty badly, and that Clark was the reason why. But I liked that Clark wasn’t completely at fault. The reason for their separation made perfect sense, and Bryce’s emotions and reactions to everything were right in keeping with his character.

On top of two great characters, there was a nicely paced plot. It flowed smoothly and everything built on what came before. With the fun twist of the comic con and dressing up as characters, it gave a little something extra to the story. But it was really just the backdrop for these two men to come to terms with what happened between them and then to start moving forward. It happens quickly, over the space of a couple of days. But Albert gives us the background between them, and lays the foundation so that it made this believable.

It was a fun, short little story and I enjoyed it. It was, perhaps, a little more reunion romance than traditional friends to lovers, but that aspect was definitely there. It was really nicely done from start to finish. And I can recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, enjoyable read about two guys finally getting a chance at love. Or if you happen to be a fan of DC comics.

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