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Now that Patrick has realized he is, in fact, in love with his husband Will, he is determined to do something about it. He isn’t quite sure what or how, however, as Patrick has never been in love, or really in a relationship before. But he knows that he has feelings for Will and that the idea of getting a divorce is no longer appealing.

Before Patrick can act, however, Will’s father, mob boss Tony Molinaro, rolls into town. No one knows quite why he is there, but it appears scaring Patrick to death is on the top of this list. Tony also seems to want to smooth things over with Will, but Will wants nothing to do with his mobster father. Yet Tony isn’t so easily brushed aside.

Things just keep getting crazier and crazier for Will and Patrick, but Will is finally learning to stand up for himself with Patrick’s support. Now Patrick has to be brave enough to stand up for what he wants as well, and that is a life with Will.

This is the fifth installment of Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths’ Wake Up Married serial and I continue to enjoy this fun and entertaining series. The series is told as one continuous story, so this is definitely one where you need to start at the beginning with Will and Patrick’s drunken marriage and follow them along the way as they fall for one another.

The Molinaro family has been lingering on the edges of the story since the very beginning. They are the ones whose rigid rules prevented the guys from getting divorced in the first place and they have been a threat in the background all along. But now for the first time we come face to face with Tony, and things definitely get interesting. First off, Tony is immediately meddling in Will and Patrick’s lives and throwing their already chaotic existence into even more craziness. We can also see that clearly Tony doesn’t understand why Will wants nothing to do with him, and he seems to have real feelings for his son, but at the same time, he is pretty much an undisputed bad guy. And the best part for me is that we see Will standing up to Tony and even finally his mom. With Patrick by his side, Will is so much stronger and more confident. He is finally able to confront both his parents with his real feelings, after so long keeping things quiet. The support Patrick gives him, and Will’s love for Patrick, really make him a changed person.

While both Will and Patrick privately acknowledge their feelings for one another, and pretty much everyone in town can tell they are in love, neither man has yet been brave enough to admit it to the other. In this episode, Patrick’s feelings are more of a focus as he struggles with being in love for the first time. Oh poor Patrick — he is having all the feels and has no idea what to do with them! Luckily Jenny is there to help him out, but I loved seeing the growly Patrick so vulnerable and coming to terms with his heart all twitter patted. I love these guys together and I am so glad that they are finally recognizing their own feelings. But of course, there is one final episode to go, so it is not quite smooth sailing yet.

I continue to really love this series. It is fun with a nice dose of humor and lightness. But at the same time, the feelings between the guys are real and intense and we can see how much they love and adore one another, even as their feelings scare them. This installment moves the story along nicely and sets things up well for the final episode.

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