Today I am super excited to introduce a new feature on the blog, called I Want a Book About...  I have been thinking about this for a while, and the perfect opportunity came to kick it off with an email I got from Joyfully Jay reader Sara T. She was looking for recommendations for books featuring older, toppy, alpha guys and after writing back to her with my ideas, I thought it would be fun to get all of you in on the fun as well.

So, I am going to periodically feature reader requests for book recommendations. I’ll provide my suggestion and open the post up to your ideas as well. And I like a challenge! So tell us about your particular book crack and we will see what we can recommend! Feel free to email me any time and I’ll run a I Want a Book About… post to feature your question.

But first things first. Let’s help out Sara with her book catnip…

Jay, I was wondering if you could recommend some books for me? I really like age difference stories with an older experienced alpha top and a young inexperienced or virgin bottom. If there are BDSM elements that’s perfect, the more hardcore the better! I love books that deal with the nature of D/s relationships but vanilla with an intense alpha top is still great. I don’t mind a little dubious consent, it’s just a fantasy right? I just bought Valor on the Move by Keira Andrews because of your review and loved it! Any genre is fine, I like paranormal, suspense, historical, western, contemporary, really anything with that dynamic. If you can think of anything for me I would be forever in your debt! Sometimes it feels like I’ve read them all.  Thank you for all the great work you do! Love your site so much!!

Thank you!


First off, thank you Sara for your nice words about the blog! Ok, now down to business!

Sara indicated some of her favorites, including the Deputy Joe series by James Buchanan, Rough Canvas by Joey W Hill, Ricochet by Xanthe Walter, and anything by KJ Charles. She also gave me a list of some other books she has already read in this theme. Here is what I suggested for her…

My top two, gold star picks would be:

Both totally fit the bill in that they are age difference stories with an older, toppy alpha guy and a younger, more naive younger guy. Not virgins, but definitely guys who are a bit out of their league to start with. And both definitely kinky! I loved both of these stories and would recommend them whole heartedly. Other ideas are:

I also suggested a couple of my favorites with the reverse dynamic (age difference with a younger dom). They still get the kinky, age difference thing, but subvert it a bit by having the younger man be the toppy, alpha. I suggested For Real by Alexis Hall and Rough Road by Vanessa North.

And just to cover all our bases, here are links to all our books that are BDSM and that feature age differences.

Ok, now I am turning it over to you all! Who can help Sara out with her request? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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