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Declan Ramsay’s brother is getting married and the wedding is to be held in a Scottish castle. The bride-to-be has always fancied herself a princess, so she’s getting exactly what she wants. Declan is to be one of two best men. The bride’s brother, Sam Aiken, is to be the other. Declan and Sam have been emailing each other for the past year, arranging details of a bachelor party, speeches, and other things that will make the bride and groom’s day special.

In the airport and on the plane, Declan meets a rather annoying man and can’t wait to escape. Imagine his surprise when he discovers the pest is his co-best man Sam. For some reason, Declan thought Sam was a youngster, not a full grown man. Declan feels a sudden attraction that confuses him, because he’s always considered himself straight. As the wedding day approaches, the pull grows, and Declan finally accepts his feelings while the guys bond over their mutual favorite movie, The Princess Bride.

This is a sweet and sexy story, and I enjoyed it so much. Declan and Sam are infinitely lovable. Declan is a little uptight. He works for Sam’s father and does very well, but he’s missing something. He dates and sleeps with women, but he’s always left feeling unsatisfied. He doesn’t do love or romance. Sam, on the other hand, is out and proud. He believes in romance and love and seems to be a happy man. He is keeping a secret, though, and it could effect his budding relationship with Declan.

I loved being a part of Delan’s dawning feelings for Sam. From annoyance to love, it was a pleasure to read. This is not a long book, so it’s quick, but it absolutely doesn’t feel that way. Isobel Starling has written a perfectly paced story. Nothing is overwhelming. The detailed descriptions of the castle and the Scottish countryside are beautiful. I could see everything in my mind’s eye…right down to the wallpaper in the bedrooms.

What really made me happy about this story (Along with the sex. I’ll talk about that shortly), was the bonding of the two men over the movie The Princess Bride. It has a reputation of being a chick flick, so seeing two men so excited about it, and quoting from it, was awesome. It also led to one of the sweetest things I’ve read in a book in a long time as the guys have a special moment and Declan’s heart begins to pound because he’s finally realized he wants Sam, and he’s determined to be with him. My heart melted.

Now, because it’s me, I’m going to talk a bit about the sex. It’s so, so hot! These men are meant to be, and when they come together, sparks are flying all over the place. Starting with Declan’s uncertainty and ending with a screaming climax from both men, their first time was wonderful, and it only got better. The men will be wearing kilts for the wedding, and Declan must show Sam how to dress in the traditional Scottish manner. It’s difficult to imagine a scene where clothes are actually being put on, rather than taken off, can be so sexy, but it worked and was amazing. GAH!

I refuse to give away any spoilers about the ending. I will tell you that it was exciting, and it made me feel a little on edge. It’s not angsty, per se. It’s just a little tense. However, since I knew the next book in the series will be coming out shortly, I wasn’t freaked out. All in all, Isobel Starling has given us a fantastic introduction to a new series that I’m very excited to read. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a sweet and sexy love story between men who are complete opposites. Hell, I recommend this one to everyone. Definitely pick this one up.

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