Assassins Love People Too by S.C. WynneRating: 4.5 stars
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I was thrilled to see the next installment in the Assassins In Love series by S.C. Wynne come across my kindle. I loved the first book so much and was hoping that the second could live up to the incredible action and developing love story introduced in the first book and I must say this one did not disappoint. We follow Marc and Dillon, now in Europe, some six weeks into their dash and hide existence trying to escape the deadly interest of Julio, a very bad man who Marc seems to take delight in thwarting. While Julio pulls out one henchman after another trying to kill both Dillon and Marc, the two of them find themselves in pretty rocky waters trying to not only evade killers, but negotiate the twisting path of a new relationship as well. At least Dillon hopes that is what is forming, for Marc is not an easy man to read and Dillon is worried that Marc has brought him along just to keep him from harm and for easy sex. While Dillon’s heart is rapidly being lost to his assassin boyfriend, Marc is focused on one thing only—keeping the two of them alive.

Though short on page time, Assassins Love People Too is long in suspense and danger. Introducing a former lover of Marc’s and a fellow assassin, the author expands both her plot and her burgeoning love story. Now with such uncertainty and jealousy mixed in to play, Dillon becomes more and more uneasy that Marc might never find it in himself to fall in love. Unfortunately Dillon has no such difficulty and has fallen for the reticent Marc despite his own doubt as to whether Marc can love him in return. Each chapter trades off in narration so that we get continual updates as to how both Marc and Dillon are dealing with their current run for survival. I loved how with each subsequent section we were privy to the inner dialogue of each character—allowing us to understand how both Marc and Dillon felt for each other even while they seemed to have great difficulty communicating those same feelings to each other.

In particular, I really felt the author exposed much more about Marc and his fears and doubts. This installment in the series gave added depth to both main characters and pulled us further into their story. You could not help but root for these guys and hope that they both would find the courage to confess their reel feelings for each other before the danger facing them destroyed them both.

I thoroughly enjoyed Assassins Love People Too and very much look forward to the next installment in this exciting and entertaining series.

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