How I Met Your FatherStory Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 5 stars

Narrator: Nick J. Russo
Length: 2 hours, 47 minutes

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Justin Hayes is headed to Puerto Rico to be the best man in his friend’s wedding. As a former boy band member, he’s always cautious of being spotted, but the man sitting next to him on the plane doesn’t seem to recognize him. The man, Jack, does recognize how uncomfortable Justin is when there is turbulence, however, and he offers comfort.

That comfort and connection continues as the men find themselves relieving some pent-up tension in the airport restroom when the flight lands. Missing his connection, Justin arrives late and then runs into his airport hookup right there with the wedding party. But Jack isn’t just any guest; he’s the father of the bride.

With the wedding a day away, Justin has to navigate his friends finding out about this latest development, dealing with a surprise announcement from the bride and groom, and maybe finally coming out in public.

This book, and especially the audio version, was highly entertaining. We meet Justin as he’s trying to get it together on the plane. It’s been a few years since the band he was in broke up, but they were a huge sensation and Justin is still recognized often. The good looking man sitting next to him that smells great just wants to offer comfort and Justin is completely drawn in. He is further drawn into the restroom by that very same man.

This story takes place over two days as Justin reconnects with his best friends and band mates and makes a somewhat startling connection with Jack. The former band mates have known each other for years, they all have distinct personalities, and they all feed off of each other with laugh out loud banter that is offered only from those that know you best. The draw between Justin and Jack is uncovered in a less than discreet manner and much to Justin’s dismay everyone wants to weigh in.

The book moves quickly and is shorter in length. There are many voices and characters that add to the fun, but the relationship development between Justin and Jack is then not the focal point. There was one area of Justin’s backstory of not being out in the public eye that I did question, but it was equally easy to choose to just go along with it. The epilogue jumps forward in time and I really would have liked to see more of Justin and Jack together as a couple before the finale. But the book as a whole offered engaging characters with a satisfying and amusing story.

Nick J. Russo is the narrator here and he offers something extra for this story. He voices Justin as well as his friends with the inflection and cadence you would expect from former band mates and best friends. His performance was completely on target the entire way through and included some laugh out loud moments that were both based on the quick-witted dialogue, as well as the tone of delivery. There were a variety of characters here and they all had clear and distinct voices that made this audio pure entertainment and time well spent. I would definitely recommend the audio version of this book to get swept up in a story and its characters within only a few hours time.

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