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Length: Short Story

Jesse has gone back to his scheming wife, but he still can’t shake his feelings for George and all they have are stolen moments tinged with sadness and want. Every time Daniel thinks his relationship with Rafael is on stable ground, a new development threatens to ruin their chances at happiness. Zac works hard and parties hard, yet has a soft spot for both Kennedy and Elliot. When Zac decides to truly set his sights on Elliot, it’s not at all as easy as it usually is for him to obtain his conquests as Elliot is George’s slave and George thinks he’s one step ahead of Zac, or is he?

Illicit Activity is a free short that follows the timeline of the Bound series. It is not intended to be a standalone as it takes place between the last chapter and the epilogue of book two, Breach of Contract. That epilogue jumped ahead four weeks and this story fills in some of those details while also opening up a whole new storyline. And, this was exactly the book I needed.

We see George and Jesse valiantly trying to hold on to some sort of relationship now that Jesse has gone back to his wife and doubt creeps into Daniel’s mind after he hears a comment about Rafael. The focal point here is Zac, Jesse’s brother. Zac who turned out to be a surprisingly interesting character.

Zac was introduced in an earlier book in a limited manner. He is busy with missions and computer hacking and numerous bed partners, but what exactly Zac does still remains concealed. He comes off as a complete player, and while part of him is, he shows a soft spot for both Kennedy and Elliot. When he decides to go after Elliot, he gets way more than he thought he was looking for, which makes for an oh so interesting dynamic. Zac still remains a mystery in many ways and the fact that he can’t remember his early childhood years sets him up for a potential explosive storyline all around.

The writing in this book completely smoothed out as well and the storylines are set for the next book in the series. The nighttime drama feel remains and Gray manages to keep each and every character and storyline engaging complete with his trademark arousal thrumming through them all. If you’ve read books one and two in the series, well then this is the book you need to read too.

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