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Dr. Jakob Feldmann is a world famous geneticist and physician at a German hospital. He has a crush on Ivo Andersson, a nurse at the same facility. Ivo has a crush on Jakob as well, but they’re both leery of doing anything about it because Jakob is shy, and Ivo thinks Jakob won’t want him because he’s only a nurse.

One night, the police come barreling into the hospital’s ER with two patients. They’re scientists who had rushed out to a crater where a meteor has crashed, and now they’re exhibiting very unusual symptoms. They’re placed in isolation, and Jakob and Ivo are called to the administrator’s office. Thanks to Jakob’s status as a premier geneticist, he’s chosen to research what is happening to the patients and try to come up with a cure. Ivo is to be his assistant. With not much time to collect their things and say goodbye to their families, the men are sent into the isolated wing of the hospital to begin their work.

As time goes on, Jakob can’t seem to get a handle on what’s happening with the patients and becomes frustrated and angry. Ivo gives him balance. He takes such good care of Jakob…bringing him his tea and meals, listening to Jakob’s ideas, and even giving him massages to help him relax. Their relationship begins to evolve, and before long, they’re comforting each other in bed as well as the lab. Through a terrible set of circumstances, Jakob makes a rash decision, and Ivo must decide if he’s willing to risk everything to help Jakob see it through.

Let me begin by saying this story was completely different than I thought it would be. What I thought would happen didn’t mesh with what did. I expected love, sex, and romance, along with some medical intrigue. What I got was…not that. I was unprepared for aliens. I’m not going to give any spoilers as to what kind of aliens, but yes…aliens.

I had also hoped for more character development. I understand having to work under certain guidelines for the series, but if this book could have been fifty pages longer, we could have learned so much more about Jakob and Ivo. We’re given a glimpse of their pasts and families, but I wanted more. As it is, both men are great. I did like them very much. I admired their dedication, both to the project and each other. Jakob took everything personally. When he came up with what he’d hoped was a cure, and it didn’t go well, he was devastated. The chemistry between the men was good. It’s a personal preference, but I’d had loved some more heat, and maybe one or two more sex scenes.

There aren’t many background characters. We saw another research scientist who befriends Jakob and Ivo and helps them in the end. We also got another ER doctor who was a real…excuse my language…asshole. He was an arrogant jerk. One thing really got to me with him. At one point, he tells Jakob, “As a male nurse, he most probably is gay or has been asked that question so many times that he doesn’t give a crap anymore.” Yes, I know this was part of that character’s persona, but I was offended. My father was a nurse. He fought against stereotypes through his entire 30+ year career. I even took heat in the first grade when the teacher asked us what our daddies did. When I said he was a nurse, she said, “You mean a doctor.” I said, “NO, he’s a nurse.” She dismissed my statement and moved onto the next child. So, hopefully you see where I’m coming from.

I saw where the ending was going, so I was prepared for it. I have to admit I wasn’t very satisfied with it. It felt very sudden to me. Once again, my cry for more wasn’t heeded. When I first got hold of this book, I hadn’t paid attention to the fact it was part of a series. In fact, this is book two in the Storming Love Meteor Strike series. I should also mention each installment is written by a different author, and I think that’s a really interesting idea. I’m actually trying to decide if I’d like to invest a little more time into checking out at least books one and three.

All in all, I would call Jakob and Ivo’s story an average read. As I said, fifty more pages, and it could have been a great one.

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