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Dakota wants to be an aerial dancer, but dance classes are expensive and life is expensive. To make ends meet, he works at a busy strip club where the tips are lucrative. Work has become a dangerous place lately as Dakota’s boss, Yuri, has become possessive of him and won’t back off no matter how many times Dakota says no. When Dakota tries to work at another club, Yuri gets in the way of that as well in a violent manner. As if all of this isn’t bad enough, Dakota’s thirteen-year old brother ran away from home due to their abusive father and he is missing.

Reed is a patrol officer on the Vegas Strip. He first meets Dakota when he is trying to find his brother and then again, at the scene, when Dakota is assaulted. It’s been quite some time since Reed has allowed himself to be attracted to a man, but the instant chemistry between the men is undeniable.

The men try to begin a relationship, but with Yuri stalking Dakota and Dakota also fighting for guardianship of his brother, Dakota has doubts that Reed will stick around. But creating a blended family with Dakota may just be exactly what Reed wants.

Strip Search is the seventh book in Morticia Knight’s Sin City Uniforms series. While some of the previous MCs do make brief appearances, you could start here if this book appeals to you. The series continues with one of the MCs being connected to law enforcement in the area of the Las Vegas strip. These books are complete comfort reads. They are easy and quick to read, have a similar formula, have heated scenes, and a HEA waiting at the end.

Dakota is a cute guy and although he is younger at 23, he definitely knows what he wants from a career and a man and he just has to get there. He is mature and focused and is scared and concerned for his brother when he runs away. Being a stripper was never his dream, but it pays well and allows him to keep training for the performance job that he really wants. But now, his boss Yuri not only wants Dakota for himself, but wants Dakota to star in his porn films, and Dakota wants no part of any of it.

Reed is sort of cruising through life. He has an ex-wife and he enjoys spending time with his daughter. He had one boyfriend after he split with his wife, but no one has ever intrigued him like Dakota has. There is an interesting dichotomy here as Reed is eleven years older than Dakota but Dakota has more intimate experience with men and it flusters Reed’s more controlled and planned life as a cop. But Dakota is eager to show Reed a whole new world inside the bedroom.

The book has some more common elements going on here. There is insta-lust that encroaches on insta-love territory and the guys are cohabitating after knowing each other for like a day. (Don’t worry, of course there are reasons). There is a bad guy story line here as well, but where the other books in the series made this a larger focal point, it is not quite as explosive here and has an easier wrap up. In fact, every area here has an easy wrap up from Dakota’s boss, to the storyline with his brother, to the relationship between Dakota and Reed. There is so much going on when they meet that the relationship development end of the story takes a back seat to the intimate discovery, but I am choosing to go with all of it here for the enjoyment of the story as a whole. The only area that still felt unfinished was the story with Reed’s ex-wife as the storyline was opened but it never really went anywhere and threads were left unresolved.

I have enjoyed this series as a whole and will certainly read the next one should the series continue. Sometimes it’s comforting to know what to expect from a book and Dakota and Reed are a good addition to this series.

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